Rule of Law? Obama admin releases over 36,000 criminal aliens

Posted by: Phineas on May 14, 2014 at 6:45 pm

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Might as well throw it away

Might as well throw it away

Well, this should make us all feel oh-so-secure:

Here’s everything you need to know about immigration reform: last year the Obama administration released 36,000 criminal aliens into the United States population. The jailbreak was deliberate and included 193 murderers.

The Center for Immigration Studies obtained the information and released a report documenting the number and nature of the crimes committed by the aliens.

If 36,000 criminal aliens walking around your community wasn’t enough, Obama’s Department of Homeland Security is aiming to make it even easier for aliens to be released from detention. That’s what the groups agitating for immigration reform are demanding. That’s what the groups are likely to get.

The 2013 jailbreak included rapists, kidnappers, arsonists, burglars, sex offenders, and car thieves. That’s merely for 2013.

The criminals that Obama administration policies set free are unlikely ever to be deported. Detained aliens facing deportation are highly unlikely to ever be deported once they are set free into the general American population. They don’t show up for their deportation hearings, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement doesn’t have the manpower or money to hunt down tens of thousands of criminal aliens.

That’s a heaping helping of criminality the Obama administration just introduced into America.

As J. Christian Adams points out, this is just another example of how the administration, particularly its highly politicized Justice Department, sides with the law-breaker over the law-abiding. (For more good, by which I mean “infuriating,” examples, have a look at Mr. Adams’ “Injustice: exposing the racial agenda of the Obama Justice Department”)

And, far beyond merely siding with criminals and applying a racialist filter to the administration of justice, we seen more examples than I think any of us would care to remember of this administration’s cavalier lip service to even the idea of a genuine rule of law, of a law common to all: waivers and delays in the implementation of Obamacare granted with no authority; bondholders and pensioners cheated in the GM and Chrysler bankruptcy proceedings; Congress’ legitimate oversight authority treated with contempt; our tax agency used to harass law-abiding citizens seeking only to exercise their rights to participate in politics, and so many others.

We have a real problem in America when one side feels the rules just don’t apply to them, so long as they think they’re in the right.

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6 Responses to “Rule of Law? Obama admin releases over 36,000 criminal aliens”


  1. Nate says:

    Rule of Law.

    Law of Obama.

  2. Drew the Infidel says:

    Here’s a little “settled law” for you. When it comes to protection from these vermin, I employ the Second Amendment and have adopted the same policy toward my legal concealed weapon as American Express had for their charge card: Don’t leave home without it.

  3. Carlos says:

    Or maybe, Law of the Jungle? That’s what this so-called administration has turned it into.

  4. Sefton says:

    Needless to say, this administration is and has set a terrible precedent. What happens when the populace no longer has any faith in it’s over-see’ers of the law to enact and apply it with justice to all?
    It’s almost as if the Obama administration is purposefully looking to start chaos and anarchy in our country.
    Along with the fact that the president himself is a pathological liar, where are we going as a nation?
    Not looking good folks.

  5. Carlos says:

    It’s almost as if the Obama administration is purposefully looking to start chaos and anarchy in our country.

    This is exactly what our Prevaricator-in-Chief has been doing for five+ years, and spent a lifetime preparing for.

    How else are ya gonna get the fools to let you release the military on its own people? Socialists may be really dumb, but in some cases they’re not stupid. Duh-1 is probably borderline here, but, since he can read TOTUS with the best of them, he’ll get a pass from all the fools.

  6. John W says:

    Typical despicableness from the evil and incompetent Marxist.