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Intellectual fascism: respected scientist hounded for daring to doubt the “climate consensus”

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**Posted by Phineas Well, so much for freedom of thought and open debate in the sciences. Dr. Lennart Bengtsson, a Swedish meteorologist with an accomplished professional record, just a couple of weeks ago joined the advisory board of the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), a British organization skeptical of the theory of catastrophic man-caused warming and […]


King Obama I: DC “doesn’t work” because the GOP always tells me no

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Aww. Poor guy  just can’t get anything done without issuing an executive order or signing statement (via): President Obama told attendees at a high-dollar Manhattan fundraiser Wednesday night that the Democratic Party would be in better shape if he “could just get a million surplus votes in Brooklyn” and move them to Nebraska, where Tea Party […]


Eleanor Clift doubles down on #Benghazi “smoke inhalation death” stupidity

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Still acting in the role of human shield for possible 2016 contender Hillary Clinton, liberal commentator Eleanor Clift is standing by her remarks that Ambassador Chris Stevens wasn’t ‘technically’ murdered in Benghazi: A longtime political pundit under fire for claiming the American ambassador to Libya was not “murdered” in Benghazi is standing by her claim […]


Chilling: Reid would back Constitutional amendment limiting free speech

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He’s not just losing it. He has LOST it. Via BuzzFeed: WASHINGTON — Frustrated by the “sewer” of modern American political campaigns, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Wednesday said that he would bring a constitutional amendment to the floor granting Congress the ability to set strict new limits on campaign contributions, warning he will force […]



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Winning: Missouri lawmakers pass 3-day abortion wait period



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ROP: Christian woman in Sudan sentenced to death for her faith


The Hill

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Hmm: GOP: We’ll act on immigration reform in GOP-led Senate


ABC News

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Election 2016: Hillary Clinton Took 6 Months to ‘Get Over’ Concussion, Bill Says of Timeline



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Media Watch: Times Ousts Jill Abramson as Executive Editor, Elevating Dean Baquet