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Ann & Nancy Wilson: Sarah Palin can’t use our music but Hillary can

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Such petty women. Via The Hill: They told Sarah Palin to stop using their rock song, “Barracuda,” but two of Heart’s core members say they’ll gladly lend the 1977 hit to Hillary Clinton if she throws her hat in the ring for president. “Whatever Hillary Clinton needs from me, she’s got,” Ann Wilson recently told […]


Add Nevada to the list of states having to dump their #Obamacare exchange site

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The list keeps growing.  Via The Politico: Nevada has become the latest state to scrap its crippled Obamacare exchange and join the federal HealthCare.gov for at least a year. The Silver State, which had seemed to start strong last October before smashing into a wall of technical problems, is the only state with a Republican […]


CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker: Our network has no shame whatsoever

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There’s really no other way to interpret Zucker’s remarks, as quoted from a Monday interview he did with thew New York Times – which was recorded by Capital New York (via): Last night, CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker gave a hint of where the network will go next now thats its two-plus-month coverage of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight […]



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Media Watch: Hillary Clinton to sit down with Diane Sawyer for first interview on her new book


Fox News

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Update: VA probe expands to 26 facilities as House prepares bill to speed firings



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Consumerism: GM issues more recalls, this time for 2.42 million vehicles


Biz Insider

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Senate: The Sequel To Rand Paul’s Epic Filibuster Is Happening [Today]



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Election 2014: 2014 primary election results: Establishment, self-funders win big in primaries