Weekend Open Thread – and Happy Flag Day!

It’s a beautiful day to celebrate Flag Day!  Learn more about the history behind Flag Day here.

Y’all have a good one. :-)

US flag in the NC mountains

American flag flying over the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina – photo via Romantic Asheville.


One thought on “Weekend Open Thread – and Happy Flag Day!

  1. Shrillary makes the fantastic claim she and the Unabanger were flat broke when their time in the WH was over. She may be onto something. Why else would they steal the White House china?

    Required reading is “No Place To Hide” by Glenn Greenwald concerning the Edward Snowden saga. It is only about 250 pages and can be read in a day. If you think giving your righteous indignation a workout after reading media reports or listening to “Rash Lardball” is sufficient, you’d better think again.

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