Weekend Open Thread

Getting ready to head out for a “Girls Day Out” with mom and my sisters. Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Open Thread

Open thread …. literally : )

4 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. Has it occurred to anyone the thorough fakery involved in this “capture” of the Benghazi suspect? After all, it isn’t like a global dragnet had to be undertaken. The guy did more media events than a Kardashian.

    In the aftermath when the scene was still supposedly “too hot” to insert an FBI team, reporters were casually pawing through the wreckage finding Ambassador Stevens’ journal and classified documents that should have been shredded prior to the melee.

    “Does not the ear try words as the palate tastes food?”–Job 12:11

  2. Drew – seems the administration can’t throw enough crap at the fan to keep the public jumping. The release of the five Taliban for Bergdahl had to distract from the mounting VA scandal. Now all of a sudden they “capture” this Benghazi suspect, while Hillary’s on her book tour (and not long after she and Obama had a one-on-one lunch at the WH).
    These people are like snakes slithering in their own slime and daring anyone to try and grab them.

  3. Best remark I heard about Hillary was she is a liar like her “husband”, but without the charm!

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