Bill Clinton slams Hamas for deliberately placing munitions near civilians

Posted by: ST on August 4, 2014 at 11:39 am
Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton.

It’s about time a President said it. Too bad it’s not the one currently occupying the White House.  Via Mike Wereschagin and Salena Zito from the Tribune-Review:

Former President Bill Clinton on Saturday sharply criticized Hamas for deliberately endangering civilians and using international aid to build a network of tunnels into Israel.

Speaking at a memorial service for Tribune-Review owner Richard Mellon Scaife, Clinton lamented the series of foreign policy crises that have cropped up from Eastern Europe to the Middle East in recent weeks.

“How could the people in Gaza, who started rocketing Israel, think that it was OK to use international aid money to dig tunnels to increase their ability to destabilize the region and kill people?” Clinton told about 150 Trib Total Media employees at the memorial service at Scaife’s boyhood home in Ligonier.

Israeli officials list the destruction of the tunnels, which Hamas has used for a series of incursions into Israel, as a chief objective of the 26-day-old war in Gaza.

The Israeli government has come under increasing international pressure, including criticism from the United States, for bombing and shelling that killed more than 1,600 Palestinian civilians, many of them children. About 60 Israeli soldiers and three Israeli civilians have died.

But Clinton blamed the rising civilian death toll on Hamas as well, saying they deliberately placed munitions where civilians seek shelter, then use their deaths to foment international anti-Israeli sentiment.

“How could they put rockets in a school to follow a deliberate strategy to force the deaths of their own civilians so as to make Israel look bad in the world?” Clinton said.

Meanwhile, the dangerously clueless wonders in the White House all but accused Israel over the weekend of deliberately targeting civilians (including children).  Criticism of Israel isn’t in and of itself wrong, but can’t they at least get their facts right before they condemn a staunch ally in public statements and on national television, in effect further fanning the flames of discontent and rage? Is that really too much to ask of this administration?

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4 Responses to “Bill Clinton slams Hamas for deliberately placing munitions near civilians”


  1. Tango says:

    ….this, from the then-president who strong-armed the former Israeli prime minister into giving Arafat everything in a pathetic attempt to garner a Nobel prize for himself?

    Pleeeeeze spare us! :-(

  2. omapian says:

    In April 2003 Easton Jordan, CNN Chief News Executive, admitted his network withheld information about violence in Iraq out of fear his reporters would be assassinated if they attempted to tell the truth.
    There is no reason to believe the main stream media has changed over the past few years. They are quick to condemn Israel for attacks on civilians and slow to report that many of those civilians support the actions of Hamas. Someone had to build the underground tunnels and store rooms with materials diverted from schools, homes, and businesses. The MSM never bothered to report the missing materials. Occasional private videos show these ‘citizens’ dancing in the streets when Israelis are kidnapped or killed, but the MSM is unable to capture footage or interview people engaged in these celebrations. Children can be taught to hate in these schools, but the UN makes no mention of the curriculum. The public is OUTRAGED! when Hamas launches attacks from schools, hospitals, and houses of worship and then denounces Israel for not doing enough to limit civilian casualties.
    I believe it is a discernable fact that individuals engaged in Jihad are not fighting to win a conventional war. Their battle is a thousand years old and they expect to win sometime far into the future. Civilian deaths are justifiable means to bring about their desired ends. While the MSM continues to accept the propaganda and refuses to search for the truth, the Jihadists feel they are winning.
    Judging from the anti-Israel protests around the world, perhaps they are. They need to isolate and demonize Israel so the world will stand by and allow them to build nuclear weapons. Once they have the weapons, Israel will not be their only target.

  3. Drew the Infidel says:

    Look who’s talking. On Clinton’s watch there was the ’93 bombing of the World Trade Center, the ’98 leveling of two embassies in East Africa, and the 2000 waterborne assault on the USS Cole. Osama bin Laden claimed responsibility for all of them.

    And Clinton has difficulty raking up the courage to take the mass murderer out of commission, passing up multiple opportunities? When it comes to cowards, it must take one to know one.

  4. Carlos says:

    …but can’t they at least get their facts right…

    Hey, they’ve had 5-1/2 years so far to get a fact right, ANY fact, and they haven’t been able to do so yet.

    Why should this time be any different for a house full of thugs, misfits, would-be Napoleons and general intellectual incompetents? And that doesn’t even include Thunderthighs!