Journalism Dean: “There are limits to free speech”

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It’s a measure of how craven and corrupt our political culture has become that even the Dean of a journalism school in a nation founded on free speech and freedom of the press should say “there are limits, however:”

Charlie Hebdo has gone too far.

In its first publication following the Jan. 7 attack on its Paris office, in which two Muslim gunmen massacred 12 people, the once little-known French satirical news weekly crossed the line that separates free speech from toxic talk.

Charlie Hebdo’s latest depiction of the prophet Mohammed — a repeat of the very action that is thought to have sparked the murderous attack on its office — predictably has given rise to widespread violence in nations with large Muslim populations. Its irreverence of Mohammed once moved the French tabloid to portray him naked in a pornographic pose. In another caricature, it showed Mohammed being beheaded by a member of the Islamic State.

While free speech is one of democracy’s most important pillars, it has its limits.

So says DeWayne Wickham, Dean of the School of Global Journalism and Communication at Wayne State University. In a very limited sense, he’s right: I cannot go yelling “fire!” in a crowded theater (1), for example (2). Nor can I incite to violence by, for example, standing before a crowd and telling them to go now and beat up a certain person or persons.

But that’s it. All other political speech is within bounds, regardless of whom it offends. You cannot have a free society unless the it includes the right to freely criticize those in authority — and not just criticize, but to satirize and mock, too. If I as a Catholic want to question Original Sin and the need for Divine Grace, or that Jesus was not Divine until adopted by God, then the Church might well denounce me as a heretic and excommunicate me, but the law cannot punish me for my beliefs, nor should I fear physical violence. If I want to be truly outrageous and place the Crucifix in a beaker of urine, I would be a jackass, but I still should not have to fear either legal sanction nor physical violence.

And the same is true of any religion. If I want to question Muhammad’s status as a prophet, or even if he existed at all; if I want to argue that his earliest biography shows he was a bandit, a warlord, and a torturer; and if I want to criticize Sharia, Islam’s divine law, for calling for the execution of homosexuals, that is my right as a free man — even if I want to draw questionably funny satirical cartoons.

This is the right of any human being and well-within the “limits” of free speech.

Let’s be honest. It’s not a regard for the proper limits of free speech that motivates Mr. Wickham. If he or one of his students offended some Amish who then complained, I’m willing to bet he’d be on his soapbox screaming about “free speech” and “freedom of the press.”

And that leads us to the truth. Amish might shun you. Catholics won’t invite you to Bingo Night. A Buddhist would probably just decide you’re an annoying illusion and don’t really exist.

But all too many Muslims would be quite willing to kill you for insulting their Muhammad. Just ask the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo, or Theo van Gogh.

The limit to Dean Wickham’s freedom of speech is his fear of punishment, and thus he is not free at all.

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(1) Popehat argues there are serious flaws with that particular justification for censorship.
(2) When it’s not true, that is.

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8 Responses to “Journalism Dean: “There are limits to free speech””


  1. ST says:

    Yay, Phineas is posting again!!

  2. Drew the Infidel says:

    In the muslime world the depiction of the prophet Muhammad is called a blasphemy. In our culture the depiction of a guy with a six-year-old wife is called a pedophile’s mug shot.

  3. redneek24 says:

    One more time, you can yell fire in a theater if it is true and is on fire.

  4. Radical Redneck says:

    Can you imagine how the lib-tards would worship Chris Kyle if he was an abortionist with that many kills?

  5. Dana says:

    If you yell, “Fire!” in a crowded theater, but everyone knows that it’s false and there is no panic and no injuries, no crime has been committed; it is the consequences of your speech which can expose you to criminal penalties.

  6. Carlos says:

    Of course there are limits to “free speech”! Any liberal can tell you that anyone can freely say anything, no matter how stupid, they please.

    Just as long as what that anyone says doesn’t contradict anything any particular lib “feels” or has to say…(notice I didn’t say “believes,” because libs don’t “believe” anything – they just go with the gut-feeling flow.)

    Also, the further down the economic food chain one is, the more that person is subject to ridicule from our intellectual “betters,” but the further UP the economic food chain one is, the more viciously personal and nonsensical the attack will invariably be.