And the award for the dumbest tweet of the day goes to …

…. the pro-abortion “women’s group” Planned Parenthood, commenting on Sen. Rand Paul’s announcement that he’s running for President:

Right-o, because women aren’t students, veterans, etc …. #derp

Useful idiot.

Words of wisdom.

3 thoughts on “And the award for the dumbest tweet of the day goes to …

  1. Why, Sis, didn’t you know? According to the left, your gender may not be defined by your genitals, but your political views must be!

  2. I don’t know why the term “useful idiots” comes into play so much. Sure, the left is nothing but idiots now, but “useful?”


    They stick us with drivel-driven, lying, dung-laden pieces of garbage like Reid, Pelosi, Schumer and Obama (not to mention both CA senators) all too often, and our country will be lucky to be anything but a second-rate third-world nothing in another decade as a result. By that time Zero will have been able to give his Arab and Persian buddies not only all our nuclear hardware but the technology for it…

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