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Posted by: ST on July 22, 2015 at 9:28 am

Monument vandalized

NC Women of the Confederacy monument in downtown Raleigh. Image via WTVD/ Jim Schumacher

My two most recent posts at IJ Review deal with hot button topics that have captured both statewide and national attention in recent weeks.

One has to do with the emerging issue in the south of Confederate monuments/memorials being vandalized, and North Carolina has become no stranger to the issue. There were two back to back in Charlotte last week, and more have hit the area and across the state this week.

Related to all of this – and in light of the widespread calls by our “thought leaders” to remove all traces of remembrances of the Confederacy from public view after the Confederate battle flag was permanently removed from in front of the SC statehouse earlier this month, the North Carolina House passed a bill yesterday that would make it all but impossible for “objects of remembrance” (like Confederate monuments) in the state to be torn down/moved without the General Assembly passing a law allowing it. The Senate passed the bill back in April. Governor McCrory has not yet declared whether he will sign, veto, or allow it to become law without his signature. The General Assembly has a veto-proof majority.

And speaking of the Governor, in response to the horrific domestic terrorist shooting rampage last Thursday at Chattanooga, TN recruiting centers that left 4 Marines and 1 Naval officer dead, McCrory ordered stepped up security measures at all National Guard facilities across the state. It was not specified as to whether or not that included arming recruiters and other military personnel at these installations.

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7 Responses to “My latest at IJ Review”


  1. Carlos says:

    Good to see you here again, ST.

    I hope the guv’ner’s “security measures” aren’t the overwhelming suggestion that the recruiters wear civvies instead of uniforms. To me, that sounds so much like a French response to an attack with an all-white battle flag.

  2. Drew the Infidel says:

    I will stop waving the rebel flag when the liberals quit burning the American flag.

  3. Carlos says:

    Something of a nonsense note there, Drew. Back in the day, the libs were proud to be known as “the rebels.”

    Now, they’ve discovered it’s a lot easier to fool the low-info fools if they portray themselves as “common” instead of “rebel.”

    Hence, they can say people like us have moved “too far to the extreme” when in fact all we’ve done is move slightly to the left and they, in fact, have moved so far to the left it would make Marx blush.

    And speaking of flags, it wasn’t so long ago that the SCOTUS ruled that using a flag (in this particular case, and American flag, but the pricipal is the same) for any purpose, including burning it, was simply a matter of “free speech” protected by the First Amendment.

    I wonder what has changed?

  4. ST says:

    Hi Carlos! No specifics were given – but I do wonder if he gave them the ok to arm themselves.

  5. TomTB says:

    Two West Point graduates fired on each other at Fort Sumter SC.

    Should we get rid of our U.S. Military Academy at West Point?

  6. JImB says:

    Some how, the far far left have managed to control the narrative. They are a very small but vocal group. The Dems have thrown their lot in with them. Let’s hope people wake up and notice that. Won’t be holding my breath.