Which GOP candidate will benefit most from NC changing its presidential primary date?

Posted by: ST on July 27, 2015 at 5:55 pm

In my latest at IJ Review, I discuss how North Carolina gearing up to change its presidential primary from May to March could potentially be good news for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker more so than the rest of the crowded but diverse GOP field:

WI Gov. Scott Walker

Advantage: Walker?

In years past, if you were a Republican seeking the GOP presidential nomination, the state of North Carolina wasn’t too high on your list of states to target. The Tar Heel primary has traditionally been held in May, at which point there already was (usually) a presumptive nominee. And, at least until 2008, the state was regarded as safely red for the general election.

This year, however, the low priority of North Carolina for challengers for the Republican nomination looks to be changing, as state legislators are putting the finishing touches on a plan to push the state’s presidential primary to March 15th:

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PS: It’s important to note that the change in North Carolina is for the presidential primary only – not for other races.

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2 Responses to “Which GOP candidate will benefit most from NC changing its presidential primary date?”


  1. Carlos says:

    Pretty soon all the states will start having primaries in the year before the election, just so they can claim relevancy.

    Which is a joke, because the only relevancy for over half the voters is, “Who screams panic the loudest?”

    For instance, Nazi Pelousy and Dingy Harry get a lot of press, but their grasp of government’s role (not much worse than that of most leading Repubs) in the lives of citizens is totally absent. Their only core value (again, just like Repub leaders) is re-election. They’ve just found that screaming to the press makes their screams go farther, longer, to the low-info person who not only doesn’t understand the issues but probably couldn’t care less about them until it hits their pocketbooks, then the abetting media blames it on the extremist conservatives (anyone right of Trotsky), which the fools gladly accept because that’s what National Socialists (a.k.a., Nazis) do – find a group to blame fo all ills.

    Good luck with your primary, ST. Pretty soon, your “leaders” will decide going to polling places is an unnecessary bother, too, and make all voting mail-in, just like Oregon.

    What could possibly go wrong with that?