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UK: Rise in child transgender referrals to NHS


Heat Street

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Shocking: Controversy as Transgender Athlete Wins Women’s Weightlifting Competition


Am Lens

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Read: Transgender Actress Admits Something That Should Alarm Women Everywhere



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PA: Student Sues After Claiming He Had To Change In Front Of Transgender Student


Daily Wire

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Wut? This Week In Feminism: If You’re Not Bisexual, You’re Transphobic!


Writing in the new year ….

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(Belated) Happy New Year! Haven’t written here at the site for a while but have been stationed instead at American Lens alongside my longtime partner in crime Andrea Dillon (who is one of the co-founders of AL) from the famous Lady Liberty website, and other writers with strong voices in the area. Am Lens focuses […]


Charlotte Observer Admits Charlotte’s Bathroom Provision Was Never Needed

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It’s always highly amusing when the sanctimonious editorial troupe over at the Charlotte Observer slip up and admit the truth about an issue they’ve been demagoguing for months and months. It happened again Wednesday night regarding the HB2 issue. The state’s HB2 bill is about more than just bathroom access, of course, but bathroom access […]


Contact info for the NCAA, the ACC, and NC state legislators

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If you’re fed up over the demagoguery and nonsense surrounding the opposition to North Carolina’s HB2 “bathroom bill”, make sure your voice is heard. Wanted to create this list so the information would in one place for anyone interested in contacting officials with the NCAA and ACC over their hypocritical, ridiculous decisions to move championship […]


Remembering 9-11 victim Peter Edward Mardikian

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**Reposting.  God bless, and never forget.  -ST** ———————————————————- Longtime readers of this blog will recognize this post, as I have published it here every 9-11 since 2006 in honor of Mr. Mardikian, and all victims of the 9-11 terror attacks, as part of DC Roe’s 9-11 remembrance project. I thought this year about doing another post for another […]


Kaepernick Forgot One Thing In His Drive To Become A Black Lives Matter Hero

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Much has been written in the aftermath of San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s highly controversial decision to sit during the national anthem prior to the start of all 2016 pre-season games, mostly notably last week’s 49ers game against the Green Bay Packers at Levi’s Stadium. Most commentary has revolved around Kaepernick’s “right” to speak his […]