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Standing in support of conservative writers personally targeted by #BrettKimberlin

When you get into the business of writing about politics and current events, whether you do it for the love of it, the money, or both, you set yourself up for being a target of your political opposition.  It is the nature of the beast. Most of the time  if the opposition isn’t trying to counter your points respectfully,  they’ll just laugh at you and/or call you nasty names over a period of time and move on. Other times they won’t move on, but they won’t carry it any further than just online word wars. But there are also cases where it can escalate way beyond that into territory it never should – where people’s families, homes, and livelihoods are directly targeted, threatened, and negatively impacted by thugs who have absolutely no concept of what “freedom of speech” means, and who believe there are no boundaries/limits whatsoever that they shouldn’t be allowed to cross in trying to “shame” those who they oppose.  Such is the case with Brett Kimberlin, a despicable human being who has waged a disgusting campaign of legal terror and abuse against conservatives who write truthful articles about him and his domestic terrorism past.   The man is vile. Absolutely vile:.....   [Read More]

Andrew Breitbart’s Legacy in Three Words: “Apologize for WHAT?”

Like many, I was stunned yesterday at the news of mega-conservative publisher and social media giant Andrew Breitbart’s untimely death at the age of 43. I spent most of the day Tweeting and ReTweeting comments from fans/friends and foes alike, many of who (on the fans/friends side) wrote amazing tributes at their websites about their time and interactions with him.  Some had only met him briefly, while others had a stronger connection through their mutual interests – mainly, fighting the left and their allies in the mainstream media on the all-important cultural frontlines......   [Read More]

Happy 8th Blogiversary to me – and to Ed Morrissey, too!

… 8 years* of consistently being a thorn in the side of liberals and their allies in the mainstream press, as well as doing my best to be a champion of the conservative ideals that made this country great and that will make it better one day soon again.   Thanks, my dear readers, for riding alongside me on this roller coaster of a journey.  I’ll keep going as long as the good Lord lets me. .....   [Read More]