AP: Gov. Christie & “friend” Obama reunited in NJ to celebrate rebuilding efforts


I couldn’t help but notice this teaser headline from the Associated Press today:

“Obama back in New Jersey with friend Chris Christie to survey Hurricane Sandy recovery”

LOL. Most of you reading this might not find it so odd, considering the photos of Gov. Christie and President Obama not long after Hurricane Sandy hit the Atlantic Coast, and especially considering Christie’s gushing praise of the President not long after that for how he was “handling” the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. I found it odd, however, because while you and I may view the way they looked together as equating to “friendship”, rarely do you see it described that way in the headline of a news article about two political allies – no matter whether or not their alliance is an unlikely one. Think about it – how often do you see articles with the headline “Obama and friend Hillary Clinton to visit the UK”, etc? It’s just naturally assumed that there is a “cordial working relationship” there, if not a warm personal one. Describing a political ally as a “friend” usually only happens when the article is about the friendship itself, rather than a political event. This article talked about their emerging so-called “bromance” but it didn’t suggest any deep connection there outside of the one that is political in nature (the one that happened as a result of Hurricane Sandy), a connection that is important for Gov. Christie to have as he is running for re-election this year in what I call a “burple” state – beyond purple, to the point it is almost entirely blue … but with a few shades of red in there.

I think the Associated Press put that headline in there as a not so subtle way of needling the conservatives who have slammed Christie for his treatment of Obama with kid gloves since Sandy devastated the shoreline of NJ and on inland last October. I could be wrong, but it’s just the vibe I get.

In any event, it’s good to see New Jersey coming back to life again. And, darn it, who can’t like the below picture of President Obama holding a stuffed “Chicago” bear that Gov. Christie won and gave to him while playing Touchdown Fever football toss on New Jersey’s Point Pleasant boardwalk earlier today (where the President, er, tanked)? “Bromance” indeed …

Pres. Obama and Gov. Christie

Photo via Jason Reed/Reuters


Quote of the Day on the “Chris Christie was snubbed by CPAC” controversy


In response to the dust-up and infighting amongst conservatives and Republicans over CPAC’s decision not to invite New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to their annual gathering next month, Florida-based GOP media guru Rick Wilson had the best reaction: (via @DinaFraioli)

“The essential element that’s missing in the Acela corridor kerfuffle on Christie not being invited to CPAC is the ‘C’ in CPAC stands for ‘Conservative,’” said Florida-based operative Rick Wilson.

“You have a guy who stung the base very badly in the closing days of the 2012 election and who last week says he agrees with Cuomo 98 percent of the time. He’s done some fine work in New Jersey, but he’s also handled relationships with the base with what a lot of conservatives view as contempt. On guns, global warming and a host of other issues, he’s not exactly asking for an invitation to the dance. “

I’ll admit, I’m irked over the continued insistence of CPAC to disallow the gay conservative group GOProud  from active participation at CPAC, considering their goals pretty much line up with straight Republicans and conservatives, but the decision not to invite Christie didn’t bother me one bit.  What he’s done the last several months, in my opinion, is nothing more than election year posturing, which is something all politicos do – but Christie was supposed to be different.  In reality, he’s not.  It’s great he supposedly “doesn’t give a damn” about what either party thinks of him, but when he conveniently starts p*ssing on conservatives on a regular basis – the cave on ObamaCare was the last straw, IMO – well, then I say enough is enough.

Your thoughts?

Quote of the Day: @GovChristie on Obama wanting another four years (VIDEO)


Via Mediaite:

Over the weekend, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, during a speech in Richmond, Virginia, took aim at President Barack Obama‘s comment about how he’s learned he can’t change Washington from the inside. If the president believes that, Christie said, “what the hell is he doing asking for another four years?”

“You may not know this, but the president loves me,” Christie said, eliciting laughter from the audience. “So since he loves me, I want to help the president.”

Thus, Christie noted president’s remark. “You can’t change Washington from the inside,” Obama said back in September. “You can only change it from the outside.”

“If you don’t think you can change Washington from inside the White House, then let’s give you the plane ticket back to Chicago you have earned,” Christie said, asking, “I mean that is a scary thing for the President of the United States to say, isn’t it?”

Christie continued: “It shows his arrogance. If he really believes that, if he believes that, then what the hell is he doing asking for another four years?”

Video below:

You can watch the full Christie speech at C-SPAN (via Charlie Spiering).

The point Christie is hammering is a variation of one I’ve said before that Mitt Romney and his campaign and surrogates need to hammer home from now until election day: “You’ve had four years, Mr. President, and things haven’t gotten better – in fact, they’ve gotten worse. Why should you be given another four? Answer: You shouldn’t.”

With the two weeks left before the election, and the polls still remaining tight in some areas but appearing to give Mitt Romney a bit of an edge in others, now is the time to ramp up that message that four years was and is ENOUGH. Mitt laid a zinger of sorts on Obama with this argument in the first debate on the issue of the deficit. I hope to see him do it again tonight in the foreign policy debate which is – thankfully – the last presidential debate of this election cycle. I’m sure Romney has the desire to leave voters with a lasting positive impression and image of him, and tonight will be the night to do it. Let’s hope he does, even in the face of yet another biased moderator – CBS’s Bob Schieffer.