AUDIO: NC high school teacher angrily lectures student on “disrespecting” Obama

Apparently, according to this pro-Obama teacher at North Rowan High School in North Carolina, not only were people “arrested for saying bad things about President Bush” but Mitt Romney does not deserve the same respect as President Obama in terms of how discussions on him should go … because he is not the President:

After criticizing Mitt Romney, a North Carolina high school teacher yelled at a student for asking a question about Barack Obama, telling him that he could be arrested for criticizing Barack Obama.

Sarah Campbell wrote at the Salisbury Post Saturday that the heated exchange began “with a classroom conversation about a recent news story detailing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney allegedly bullying a classmate in prep school. It turns into a heated, sometimes confrontational debate.”

“Didn’t Obama bully someone though,” one student asked, referring to an incident in Obama’s memoir, “Dreams from My Father,” in which Obama admitted pushing a girl when other students called him her boyfriend.

“Stop, no, because there is no comparison,” the teacher said.

According to the teacher, Romney is “running for president,” and therefore does not deserve the same respect as Obama, who “is the president.”

“Listen, let me tell you something, you will not disrespect the president of the United States in this classroom,” she said.

She went on to tell the student that he “will not” say what he wants about Obama, and asserted that it was a crime to “slander” the President.  The student responded by recalling that many spoke ill of George W. Bush while he was President, and such arrests would violate the Constitutional right to free speech.

The teacher asked: “Do you realize that people were arrested for saying things bad about Bush?”

But Michael Bitzer, a political science professor at Catawba College, told the Post he had “no idea” what the teacher was talking about when she claimed people “were arrested for saying bad things about Bush.”


Bitzer went on to say the student was more correct than the teacher.

“Her point about not being able to say anything ‘disrespectful’ about the president does fly in the face of the First Amendment, and while she may wish to enforce that edict about ‘respecting’ the president, the issue seems to have gotten personal on her part,” he added, saying that her attempt to make a point seems to have been overshadowed by her personal feelings toward Obama.

“Granted, she apparently tried to ensure that a respectful conversation was had about the president, but she seems to have taken things a bit too personally — and it appears the student was set on making a confrontation in the guise of raising a question about ‘who bullied who — both Romney and Obama’,” he wrote.

Bitzer said the teacher was a “bit overboard in being rude towards the student,” but added that the student “was also trying to pick a fight.”

The school system said it could not comment on the incident publicly, but said the social studies teacher – who was not identified – is still working for the district.

I listened to the audio. I think it’s pretty obvious the student was not “trying to pick a fight” nor was the teacher trying to encourage “respectful” conversation. It’s not very long into the audio after the student asks about Obama allegedly being a bully in response to the teacher’s assertion about the “Romney bullying” that the teacher gets extremely agitated and starts yelling about respecting the office of the Presidency, etc.   From that point on, it was a test of wills and clearly the teacher was determined it would only be a one-sided discussion. Her voice sounds far off to start with, but around the 3:13 mark it sounds like she has walked directly up to the student to confront him about how he will not “disrespect the President” – when all he was doing was offering counterpoints to what she was asserting about Romney.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Listen for yourself:

A shorter version of her point: I can and will be critical of Republican presidential nominees, but if you counter my criticisms with similar criticisms about President Obama, it is “disrespectful” and you can “get arrested for it.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard liberals assert that public school teachers should be allowed to discuss current events, including political events, in the classroom in an effort to assist students with the “critical thinking skills” they will need later on in life. The point is understandable, yet at the same time I’ve always pushed back on it because of my concern that the political leanings of the teachers, who I assume are mostly liberal Democrats, will eventually come out in some way. It’s pretty clear from this audio that not only is the teacher a liberal Democrat and strongly supportive of Obama, but that the only “critical thinking” going on in the “discussion” is her being highly annoyed of any thinking that includes believing you have the right to criticize the current President of the United States without fear of being verbally beat down by a teacher you should feel you should be able to trust, much less being “arrested” by the feds.

Sound familiar in this state? It should.

Indoctrination Nation: TX elementary school teaches K students pro-Obama song

Make it stop – oh, please make it stop (via @SkiGarmisch)

Kindergarteners at a Texas elementary school were sent home with lyrics to a pro-President Barack Obama song that included such lines as “Barack Obama is the man” and “He’s our man, yes we can!”

The song, part of a Black History Month program, was forwarded from a parent at Tipps Elementary School in Houston to Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo, a nationally syndicated radio host and frequent fill-in for Glenn Beck. Included with the lyrics was an apparent memo to kindergarten teachers that said kindergarteners would be “required” to learn the chant for the program [all spelling errors below are original]:

A sampling:

Who’s famous slogan is Yes we can?
Obams’s famous slogan is Yes we can
Who do we know is the man?
Barack Obama is the man
He’s our man, Yes we can!

In case you’re wondering if the song was sanctioned by the school district, apparently it was:

When contacted by Pags, the school district’s assistant superintendent for communications defended the song, calling it “an instructional activity to honor Black History Month.

Sadly, this sounds all-too familiar.

What is it about this President that inspires teachers and school districts to do the dumbest things? I just don’t get it.

Union thuggery taught, encouraged at some Missouri universities

To say that this is disturbing would be an understatement (via Memeorandum):

The University of Missouri has an expansive $1.9 billion enterprise with an operating budget of $500 million which, according to its website, 37%  comes through state appropriations. While the University’s Institute of Labor Studies may only be a small fraction of its budget, one must wonder why tax dollars are being used to fund a program that espouses Communism, teaches tactics in industrial sabotage (including stalking CEOs, using members to insinuate sabotage, as well as the killing of cats), and convincing union members that their “group goals” are more important than their individual goals.

The videos you are about to see [via BigGovernment] are of two “educators” holding courses via video conference through the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) and the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC). The courses are an Introduction to Labor Studies and Labor Politics and Society.  The instructors are Judy Ancel, Director of UMKC’s Institute of Labor Studies and Don Giljum, a self-described Communist and Business Manager of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 148.

Watch the video in its entirety and you’ll hear Communist Giljum (whose total compensation in 2010 was nearly $121,000) bragging about the tactics he’s used to terrorize intimidate companies, company CEOs, as well as his inciting a riot “that destroyed several police cars.”

Make sure to watch both videos.  And then try to contain yourself when you think about how huge this story would be if it were, say, about Tea Party leaders instructing students on how to use violence and intimidation in order to try and ‘persuade’ the opposition to your side.

Deep breaths, friends.  Deep breaths.

Liberal moonbattery in academia: A case study

Just when you’d hoped the Trig Truther issues were long behind us (well WE were hoping, but Trig Truthers like former Journo-listers and Andrew Sullivan have been waiting in the wings for any remote sign of a definitive “smoking gun”) comes a report about an “academic study” done by a moonbat college professor from Northern Kentucky University who believes that Sarah Palin is indeed Trig Palin’s grandmom rather than his mom … and supposedly he has the “evidence” to prove it. Via Business Insider:

An interesting footnote has emerged to a theory that raged around the Internet during Sarah Palin’s candidacy for Vice President:

The theory is that Sarah Palin is actually the grandmother of her purported son Trig, not the mother, and that she staged a gigantic hoax during the campaign to cover up this fact.

Professor Bradford Scharlott of Northern Kentucky University has looked into this story in detail and written a long academic article about it. He concludes two things:

-First, that the “conspiracy theory” is likely true–Sarah Palin staged a huge hoax, and, second,

-The American media is pathetic for not pursuing the story more aggressively

Scharlott’s article walks through all the evidence supporting the theory, including the photos of Palin in what is said to have been a late-stage pregnancy, the leisurely 20-hour trip home that Palin took after she supposedly went into labor in Texas, the refusal of the hospital where Trig was supposedly born to even confirm that he was born there (let alone who was the mother), strange statements from Palin’s doctor and the McCain campaign, and so on.

And Scharlott concludes that, given that this hoax would be a massive fraud perpetrated on the entire country by a vice-presidential candidate, the media absolutely should have pursued the story more aggressively.


This is the dirty not-so-secret smear campaign that prominent liberals don’t want to put their names to, but nevertheless I suspect they probably wish it were true if for no other reason than to get Sarah Palin out of the way once and for all. There are literally hundreds of websites that either focus solely on this “issue” or at least have a full page devoted to it. As noted above, some liberal journalists and columnists discussed behind the scenes how they wish this issue would have or would be “investigated” further. It’s really pathetic and, frankly, disgraceful – and not just for the liberal elites who believe this BS but for the rest of the MSM who refuse to report on these fruitcakes while at the same time giving so-called “birthers” wall to wall coverage.

And we all know why they engage in these double standards, don’t we?

Just to point out ONE MORE TIME for the conspiracy-driven nitwits who think Sarah Palin somehow staged the scam of the decade, here are pictures of the former Alaska governor in the latter stages of Trig’s pregnancy. The UK’s Daily Mail has another one. NOTE: These photos are NOT “personal photos” and thus couldn’t possibly be “staged” by the Palin family.

And to point out one other obvious fact: Wouldn’t it be a little bit difficult for Bristol Palin to have a baby in April 2008 and then turn around and have another one in December 2008? The “professor”, as you might expect, tries to get around this by suggesting that Trig was actually born earlier than April 2008 – without a shred of evidence, of course.

He’s outraged by the media’s supposed “lack of attention” to investigating Trig’s birth, but the real outrage – beyond the obvious one about how people in positions of power utilize it to try and smear the names of good people by engaging in baseless wacky conspiracy theories – is the fact that the mainstream media doesn’t go after these hacks with even a 10th of the same ruthlessnes they do the “birthers” on the right. I’m not surprised that the Trig “question” is mostly untouched by serious journalists, because many of them are in the back pockets of liberal politicos, but all the same it’s worth pointing out their double standards and hypocrisy. They’d go absolutely verbally postal if a liberal female was treated like this but, ah, heck – you know the routine. :(

Beware the racist toddler, revisited

More than two years ago, I wrote about a mind-numbingly offensive UK government program to spot early signs of racism in infants and pre-school children:

Does your three-year old sometimes refuse to play with others? Does he occasionally turn his nose up at new foods? Could it be that, rather than simply being behavior normal to all toddlers, these are early-warning signs that your baby is a racist??

Well, two years and a quarter-million children later, we now know the vast size of this generation of tiny Klan members:

Three-year-olds being labelled bigots by teachers as 250,000 children accused of racism

Teachers are being forced to report children as young as three to the authorities for using alleged ‘racist’ language, it was claimed last night.

Munira Mirza, a senior advisor to London Mayor Boris Johnson, said schools were being made to spy on nursery age youngsters by the Race Relations Act 2000.

More than a quarter of a million children have been accused of racism since it became law, she said.

Writing in Prospect magazine, she said: ‘The more we seek to measure racism, the more it seems to grow.

‘Teachers are now required to report incidents of racist abuse among children as young as three to local authorities, resulting in a massive increase of cases and reinforcing the perception that we need an army of experts to manage race relations from cradle to grave.

‘Does this heightened awareness of racism help to stamp it out? Quite the opposite. It creates a climate of suspicion and anxiety.’

There’s an old saying: “If the only tool you have is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail.” Convinced that racism is everywhere, these multicultural loons are tarring thousands of young children as little proto-fascists. Are they now to be watched throughout their school years? Counseled against the dark racist thoughts that lurk ever within them? Taught to suspect the culture and the parents who must have instilled these hateful prejudices in them? Why not just take them away from their parents and indoctrinate raise them in community creches?

Maybe, just maybe, if a three-year old doesn’t want to eat curry, it’s because he doesn’t like it, not because he hates Pakistanis.

Dear British educators: WTF??

(via theblogprof)

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Fitting: School built on toxic soil in LA named for … The Goracle

Another one from the Dept. of You Can’t Make This Up, via the LAT:

Al Gore has had some tough breaks — like losing the presidency after getting more votes than the other guy — but the noted environmentalist achieved a singular honor last week, becoming the first vice president to have a Los Angeles school named after him.

And, fittingly, the school will be devoted to environmental themes.

But as in the 2000 election, there’s a catch. Critics say the campus’ location poses a long-term health risk to students and staff.

School district officials insist that the Arlington Heights property is clean and safe. And they’ve pledged to check vapor monitors and groundwater wells to make sure.

The $75.5-million Carson-Gore Academy of Environmental Sciences will open Sept. 13 for about 675 students. As he was with Bill Clinton (who has an L.A. middle school named after him), Gore is second on the ticket to Rachel Carson, the late author credited with helping launch the modern environmental movement.

“Renaming this terribly contaminated school after famous environmental advocates is an affront to the great work that these individuals have done to protect the public’s health from harm,” an environmental coalition wrote in a letter to the Los Angeles Unified School District. Making sure the school is safe “would be an even better way to honor their contribution to society.”

Construction crews were working at the campus up to the Labor Day weekend, replacing toxic soil with clean fill. All told, workers removed dirt from two 3,800-square-foot plots to a depth of 45 feet, space enough to hold a four-story building. The soil had contained more than a dozen underground storage tanks serving light industrial businesses.

Additional contamination may have come from the underground tanks of an adjacent gas station. A barrier will stretch 45 feet down from ground level to limit future possible fuel leakage.

An oil well operates across the street, but officials said they’ve found no associated risks. Like many local campuses, this school also sits above an oil field, but no oil field-related methane has been detected.

Via Doug Powers, who writes in response:

All in all, I’d say that putting Al Gore’s name on a contaminated school is just about the most intellectually honest thing to come from any educational institution in the history of the United States. Potayto, potahto.

Speaking of vegetables, who wants to be the first to take a bite of something from the Carson-Gore Academy’s garden?

The principal also envisions an organic garden that could produce a student-led farmer’s market.

Suwol said Lowry sounds “incredibly wonderful,” but added that she’d feel better if the vegetables were grown in planters above the ground.

Why not grow them in the ground? A “consensus of scientists” say the soil is clean. Grow ‘em in the ground and let Al have the first bite so we can see how seriously he values scientific consensus when it comes to eating something that may or may not make his second chakra glow in the dark.


One final note, from the LAT piece:

In the spring, a school-naming committee received six options, including Pete Seeger Community School. A representative from school board member Marguerite Poindexter LaMotte suggested that the folk singer’s “affiliation with the Communist Party,” among other factors, made that choice inappropriate, two in attendance recalled.

Yet they named it in honor of Al Gore, who – like the current occupant of the WH – envisions this country as some sort of future Socilaist Utopia? These days, I’m not seeing much of a difference between Communism and Socialism. You?

Maybe you should rephrase that, Madame Secretary?

When a majority of those surveyed believe that “socialist” is an accurate description of President Obama, saying that opponents of his health-care program need to be reeducated is perhaps not the best choice of words:

In an interview before the latest Kaiser results were released, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told ABC News that the sustained opposition to the Democrats’ health care reform efforts has mainly been a function of “misinformation.”

“Unfortunately there still is a great deal of confusion about what is in [the reform law] and what isn’t,” Sebelius told ABC News Radio on Monday.

With several vulnerable House Democrats now touting their votes against the bill, and Republicans running on repeal of the law, Sebelius said “misinformation given on a 24/7 basis” has led to the enduring opposition nearly six months after the lengthy debate ended in Congress.

“We have a lot of reeducation to do,” Sebelius said.

Get it? Opposition can’t be based on a principled objection to a statist takeover of the health-care system, the insertion of federal bureaucrats into the most intimate decisions about one’s medical care, or the tremendous economic costs this “reform” imposes. Nope, it’s got to be “misinformation” fed to gullible rubes, who need “reeducating.”

Presumably again and again until they get it right.

I assume Secretary Sebelius is unaware of the disturbing associations “reeducation” brings to mind, such as the reeducation camps in Soviet Russia, Maoist China (especially during the Cultural Revolution), and Vietnam, to name just a few totalitarian hell-holes. Now, obviously she didn’t mean “put them all in camps and subject them to reprogramming as in Clockwork Orange,” but the choice of words is unfortunate and culturally clueless.

It’s also revealing, because it shows once again the arrogance and condescension toward the common people that lays behind the progressive-statist mindset: “Government experts know what’s best for you, Citizen peasant, so trust us and let us tell you why you’re wrong to oppose us.”

Come November 2nd, 2010, Secretary Sebelius and her colleagues will be the ones getting a real –and needed– reeducation.

COMPARISON: If you find yourself reminded of the votes a few years ago over the proposed EU constitution and the attempts to force nations that rejected it to vote again until they approved it, you’re not having hallucinations. The statist attitudes of our (Social) Democratic leaders and the European Union governing classes really are that alike.

(via Reason)

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More moonbattery from the LA Unified School District

Disturbing (via William Teach):

Standing in front of a wall-to-wall mural featuring a who’s who of revolutionaries, including Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, and boldly displaying the motto Patria o Muerte, Venceremos!!! (Fatherland or Death, We Shall Overcome!!!), a group of teachers, students, parents and community activists in the Los Angeles Unified School District gathered last month for an unusual field trip — to Arizona, to protest that state’s controversial immigration law.

A video posted on YouTube shows LA social studies teacher Jose Lara interviewing teachers and students on May 28 at the headquarters of an organization calling for a Mexican revolution on U.S. soil. Soon after he shot the video, many in the group left for an overnight “freedom ride” to Phoenix to protest what Lara tells the camera is a “racist and outrageous” law.

Four days later, the school board president implored the superintendent of schools to ensure that students in the district be taught that Arizona’s law is “un-American” and Jim Crow-like. The law, passed in April, empowers law enforcement officials to question the immigration status of people they think may be in the country illegally.

Lara, who made the video, teaches at the Unified School District’s Santee Education Complex with Ron Gochez, another social studies teacher who came under fire last month after he was identified making incendiary remarks in a widely circulated YouTube video that shows him speaking at a 2007 rally for La Raza, a revolutionary group calling for Mexican revolt inside the United States.

In that video, Gochez referred to Americans as “frail, racist, white people, and to California as “stolen, occupied Mexico.” The video’s posting led to a groundswell of anger and a flood of calls for Gochez’s firing, but a school district investigation found him fit to continue teaching history to public school students.

Babalu Blog’s Alberto de la Cruz:

Okay, so let me get this straight:

-Arizona immigration law that mimics the Federal law: Un-American
-Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, calling for a Mexican revolution on US soil: As American as apple pie

If that is the new definition of an “American,” go ahead and put an “un” in front of mine.

Me, too.


Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA): White supremacist groups behind AZ immigration law

Ah, yes. Another day, another instance of a Democrat politico shamelessly playing the race card over a point of disagreement with the opposition party:

A California congresswoman is pointing the finger at white supremacist groups, who she says have inspired Arizona’s new law cracking down on illegal immigrants.

Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Calif., told a Democratic Club on Tuesday that white supremacist groups are influencing lawmakers to adopt laws that will lead to discrimination.

“There’s a concerted effort behind promoting these kinds of laws on a state-by-state basis by people who have ties to white supremacy groups,” said the lawmaker, who is of Mexican descent. “It’s been documented. It’s not mainstream politics.”

Click here to listen to the audio tape.

Sanchez said front organizations for white supremacist groups are approaching lawmakers to propose the language to the bills and urging them to push them through state legislatures in an effort to legalize discrimination.

“It creates a Jim Crow system where based on the color of your skin you could be treated as a second-class citizen or harassed based on how you look,” she said.


Sanchez told the newspaper after her speech that she based her accusation on online stories, particularly a blog written by Andrea Nill, an immigration researcher for ThinkProgress, an offshoot of the liberal Center for American Progress Action Fund.

Nill wrote that the Immigration Law Reform Institute, the legal arm of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), helped write the law. The Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled FAIR a hate group, a designation that the organization disputes.

Sanchez sought to clarify her comments Thursday.

“I never said that everyone who supports the Arizona law is a racist or white supremacist,” she said in a written statement. “Anyone who says different is just trying to inflame the issue and get away from the real discussion of how to reform the immigration system in this country.”

“The only way we are going to fix this problem is to have federal legislation,” she added. “Unfortunately, the people who get on the airwaves to stir up anger by misconstruing my comments are not interested in constructive solutions. They’re interested in dividing this country into ‘us’ and ‘them’ and totally undermining attempts to bring about real solutions.”

Um, um – but we already do have federal legislation, Rep. Sanchez. It’s what this law was based on. If the feds were doing their danged jobs, this law would have been unnecessary. Oh, and did you know that, er, your own state has a very similar law to Arizona’s?

Clueless ninny. That’s what you get for believing what’s written at Stink Progress. And for playing the race card.

While we’re on the subject of the Arizona immigration law, President Obama and Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer met today at the Oval Office to discuss the bill and attempt to work together for “solutions”:

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer emerged upbeat from a White House meeting with President Barack Obama, boasting that the president agreed to send federal officials to her state to engage in “some really direct dialogue” on Arizona’s new immigration law.

Brewer, a Republican, said her Oval Office meeting had been “cordial,” but a White House statement on the meeting suggested tough topics had been raised. The White House said the president “reiterated his concern” about the law and listened to Brewer’s concerns, but told her that his administration had reduced border crime and illegal immigration.

Brewer said Obama didn’t directly discuss a potential federal lawsuit against her state, instead indicating that it was an issue for the Department of Justice.

The Arizona governor signed a bill in April that requires law enforcement officials to question people stopped in the course of duty who they reasonably believe to be in the U.S. illegally. Opponents argue that it could lead to racial profiling.

Brewer said she and Obama had “agreed to come together to find some solutions” on how to overhaul the country’s immigration system. She did not provide details, but told reporters that she believed that securing the border was an essential first step.

The two also discussed the deployment of National Guard troops to the border, and suggested she would know more about that after federal officials visited her state.

Two days before her’s and Obama’s meeting, Brewer was questioned on the possibility of the DOJ trying to sue the state of Arizona over the immigration law. Her response? Bring it:

Bring it on.

That’s the attitude Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is taking toward the possibility that the Obama administration could file a legal challenge to her state’s immigration law.

“We’ll meet you in court,” she said in an interview Tuesday. “I have a pretty good record of winning in court.”

You go, girl.

Related: Los Angeles Students to Be Taught That Arizona Immigration Law Is Un-American (via Left Coast Rebel):

The Los Angeles Unified School District school board wants all public school students in the city to be taught that Arizona’s new immigration law is un-American.

The school board president made the announcement Tuesday night after the district’s Board of Education passed a resolution to oppose the controversial law, which gives law enforcement officials in Arizona the power to question and detain people they suspect are in the U.S. illegally when they are stopped in relation to a crime or infraction.

Critics of the law say it will result in racial profiling.

The school board voted unanimously on Tuesday to “express outrage” and “condemnation” of the law, and it called on the school superintendent to look into curtailing economic support to the Grand Canyon State. About 73 percent of the students in the school district are Latino.

But supporters of the law say the school board is way out of bounds and that the measure will just distract from the children’s education.

“This is ridiculous, it’s ridiculous for us to be involved in Arizona law,” said Jane Barnett, Chairman, Los Angeles County Republican Party. “There is a 50 percent dropout rate in some parts of the school district—is this going to keep kids in school?”

According to its press release, “The Los Angeles Board of Education also requested that Superintendent Ramon Cortines ensure that civics and history classes discuss the recent laws with students in the context of the American values of unity, diversity and equal protection for all people.”

“America must stand for tolerance, inclusiveness and equality,” said Board President Monica García, according to the release. “In our civics classes and in our hallways, we must give life to these values by teaching our students to value themselves; to respect others; and to demand fairness and justice for all who live within our borders. Any law which violates civil rights is un-American.”

In response to the Fox News piece, here’s what the LA Unified School District BOE had to say:

“The Board of Education has directed the Superintendent to ensure that LAUSD civics and history classes discuss the recent laws enacted in Arizona in the context of the American values of unity, diversity, and Equal Protection for all. This very important piece of current events would be taught in our classrooms along with a number of controversial periods and laws which are a part of our history and are currently being taught including: slavery; Jim Crow laws and segregation; reservations and residential schools for Native Americans; The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882; the anti-Irish racism in the 19th century; racism against immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe during the 20th century; anti-Semitism; internment camps for Japanese Americans during World War II and the Mexican Repatriation Program during the 1930s.

Let’s remember that these laws were all deemed as “necessary” (in some cases for the security of our nation) during particular times in our history. To ignore what is currently happening in Arizona would be total denial of current events and a part of our history. At the very least it’s a discussion that should take place in the classroom.”

You know what they say, get ’em when they’re young …

Isn’t it scary that these Stuck on Stupid folks are in charge of education the young minds of the students in the LA Unified School District? Not only is the district obviously left wing (remember this and this?), but they’re clearly ignorant of what the law actually says (like the much higher ups in our federal government). Oh wait. Left wing. Ignorant. Sort of goes without saying, doesn’t it?

More videos uncovered showing school kids being coached to praise Obama

11 – count ’em – 11 more videos found.

“Elementary epidemic” indeed!