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Hurricane Katrina

Video: The New Orleans school voucher program

Following up on this report, Reason.TV takes another look at the sweeping reforms of the New Orleans school system after Hurricane Katrina, changes that saw the enrollment at Charter and other private schools climb to 70% of the city’s students. In this case, the documentary focuses on one private academy and the satisfaction of teachers, parents, and students with their new arrangements:.....   [Read More]

Two definitive posts on Hurricane Katrina

Today is the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina making landfall along the Gulf Coast. Lots of opinion pieces, news stories, and blogposts have been devoted to the topic, but the two most important posts I think you should read on the topic come from Paul at Wizbang who lived in New Orleans when the hurricane hit (not sure if he’s still there or not) and Bryan at Hot Air, who compiled quite a number of very detailed posts about Katrina and the aftermath of it, who was at fault for what, etc, when he still blogged at Junkyard Blog......   [Read More]