Weekend Open Thread

Open Thread

Open thread …. literally : )

I’m headed out to run errands and to try to enjoy this mostly cloudy (but still beautiful) day in Charlotte. Wanted to write more at length about the story surrounding House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s literally chasing a GOP member of Congress on the House floor over mere disagreement, but won’t have time to do it today. Read the story for yourself – it has to be read/seen to be believed. It was a severe breach of decorum, but unlike how House Dems reacted when Rep. Joe Wilson yelled, “You lie!” at President Obama during a State of the Union, don’t expect much of any criticism of what she did yesterday.

Hope y’all have a good one!

Weekend Open Thread

Just about to head out for the day. :) Here’s a picture of a plant I bought at a local nursery a week ago today. ┬áStill looking good! Which is saying a lot for me since I’m notoriously bad at taking care of plants. Y’all have a great Saturday!

My plant