Quote of the Day: “Rev.” Jackson says “apartheid remains” in America

Rev. Jesse Jackson

Really, Rev.?

Shaking my head. Via The Hill:

Rev. Jesse Jackson said Sunday apartheid still exists in the United States as he reflected on Nelson Mandela’s effect on American politics.

“Apartheid remains. Apartheid gaps in poverty, healthcare and education. We’re in the middle of the end of the apartheid struggle now, but it’s just changed phases,” he said on NBC News’s “Meet the Press.”

“For almost 30 years, we had a lead jump on the right to vote and used that right to vote to empower allies in South Africa,” Jackson said.

Never let an opportunity go to waste to make a complete a** of yourself, right Jesse? Racism, of course, still exists in America, but the word “apartheid” conjures up very specific and strong definitions and (disturbing) images from South Africa, and is a major embellishment – and, frankly, is grossly misrepresentative of what is going on here in America in present day politically, as opposed to what was happening here in the 50s and 60s.  Shame on you, Rev. If you had any shame, that is.

#NewTone: “Rev.” Jackson says the Tea Party “is the resurrection of the Confederacy”

The Politico reports on the latest round of opportunistic bile to come from one of the nation’s leading race hustlers:

Jesse Jackson, who more than anyone occupies the no man’s land between his mentor King and Obama, the man who won the political office he prized, told POLITICO he “absolutely” thinks congressional Republicans are motivated by race in opposing the president’s policies.

“The tea party is the resurrection of the Confederacy, it’s the Fort Sumter tea party,” Jackson said.

This is from the same guy who – post-George Zimmerman verdict – implored the country to have a “national dialogue on race” (paraphrasing). Right.

Can’t do it when you continue to demagogue and lie about the motivations behind most of the criticism of our celebrity President, “Reverend.” But then again, you knew that already, didn’t you? It’s the goal, after all. Keep the pot stirred, etc.  Keep the donations coming in and the interview and speaking requests rolling.


Jesse Jackson

Part of the problem, NOT the solution.

Unhinged Democrat Rangel: Tea Party like Old South racists, GOP worse than terrorists

Disgusting – but not surprising he’d say this kind of garbage (hat tip):

There is little question that Rangel is nearing the end. First elected 43 years ago, after having defeated the man whose name adorns the building where the congressman keeps his office, he is musing aloud now about what he once forbade anyone to discuss with him: his own retirement.

But even at 83, dressed in a blue bow tie and crisp gray suit, Rangel is relentless toward those who he feels are slowing the forces of progress.

House Republicans? Have done more damage to American competitiveness than al Qaeda ever could. “What is happening is sabotage. Terrorists couldn’t do a better job than the Republicans are doing.”

The Tea Party? Defeat them the same way segregation was beaten. “It is the same group we faced in the South with those white crackers and the dogs and the police. They didn’t care about how they looked. It was just fierce indifference to human life that caused America to say enough is enough. ‘I don’t want to see it and I am not a part of it.’ What the hell! If you have to bomb little kids and send dogs out against human beings, give me a break.”

Yes, it is possible for even the most unhinged Democrats to become even MORE unhinged.  Would someone please remind this tax cheating windbag that Old South racists who opposed civil rights were DEMOCRATS? Thank you.

Will Obama condemn Rangel in the spirit of his 2 and a half year old call for a “New Tone” in political dialogue? Don’t count on it.  Civility rules only apply to  Republicans and others who oppose the Obama brand of fascism.

Rangel relaxes

Hardworking House Rep. Charlie Rangel [D-NY] naps at his ‘tax-free’ Dominican Republic hideaway. Photo via Splash News/Daily Beast

Race-hustler Al Sharpton: #IRS scandal proves “white supremacy” in GOP (VIDEO)

A red-faced, positively outraged!!!-at-the-GOP-for-daring-to-hold-this-admin-accountable Chris Matthews throws the perfect pitch, and Sharpton, of course, hits the race card out of the ball park (via Greg Hengler):

You know how it is …



The above card says it all. Conservatives must be silenced by any means necessary, according to the left. Need I say more?

Pushback: NC GOP state rep. calls out state NAACP “leader” on racism, voter ID lies

At least one GOP state rep here in NC is sending the message to state NAACP “leaders” that their racism and demagoguery will NOT allowed to go unchallenged. Via WRAL:

RALEIGH, N.C. — State NAACP President Rev. William Barber held a news conference Friday and responded to a Republican House freshman who accused Barber of “racist diatribes” and having a “race-baiting attitude.”

“I don’t take stuff like that personally,” Barber told reporters as supporters stood behind him. “He can have his opinion. We believe in freedom of speech. We have a responsibility to correct him.”

Rep. Michael Speciale, R-Craven, along with all other state lawmakers, received an emailed version of a statement last week by Barber on proposed voter ID legislation.

In the statement, Barber calls voter ID initiatives “national propaganda efforts by the far-right to justify the obvious tactic to suppress the votes of minorities, youth, disabled and the elderly,” and urges Republican legislative leaders to abandon their push for such a law in North Carolina.

WRAL News obtained the email Speciale sent in response, in which he accused Barber of tarnishing the “proud history” of the NAACP.

“You do minorities and the elderly a disservice when you assume that they are incapable or incompetent to the point that they cannot provide a photo ID to vote,” Speciale wrote. “Your comments, both today and in the past are racist and inappropriate, therefore, I request that you remove me from your email list.”

Barber’s juvenile, typically race-baiting response – via News 14:

“It’s like he picked up a book from the 50s and 60s and just regurgitated the same answers from that day rather than actually listening to what we were saying empirically and analytically,” said N.C. NAACP President Rev. William Barber.

Barber said he didn’t take the e-mail personally, but is using it to point out other issues he has with the General Assembly. Reverend Barber also threw the racism claim right back at state lawmakers.

“When you pass a medicaid policy that you know is going to cut the difference between black and white uninsured rates by half that’s racial disparity. That’s systemic racism,” said Barber.

Let’s take a look at REAL “systemic racism” – as spouted by Barber himself:

Barber is well known in the Triangle for his theatrics and three ring circus tactics. He inserted himself into the Wake County school assignment plan debates, turning it into a civil rights issue and making claims the new assignment policy was in essence racist. He makes a career out of being arrested and causing scenes all over North Carolina.

Click that same link above to see video of his ridiculous antics.

And in 2011, a (now former) state rep. went off on Barber – much the same way Speciale did – after Barber accused the Tea Party of being racist:

RALEIGH, N.C. — An eastern North Carolina lawmaker is standing behind his characterization of the NAACP and its state president as racist.

Rep. Stephen LaRoque, R-Lenoir, sent a May 14 e-mail to the NAACP, in response to an announcement from the group about a Greenville news conference to protest budget cuts proposed by Republican lawmakers.

The announcement read, in part, “Tea Party extremists seized the Republican Party and declared war on African Americans, poor people and other minorities.”

“I have no interest in receiving anything from a Racist such as William Barber,” LaRoque wrote in his reply, referring to the state president for the NAACP. “He and the NC NAACP represent everything that is wrong with race relations in our state and country. You should be ashamed of yourself for continuing to promote racism but that is the modern day legacy of the NAACP as a racist organization led by Racist individuals who are Cowards.”

Barber said Friday that he was shocked by the comments, but LaRoque said he has no intention on backing off.

“I’m sick of getting these race-baiting, racist-type action alerts, e-mails, whatever you want to call them,” LaRoque said in an interview at his Kinston office. “The modern-day NAACP promotes racism. That’s what they’re doing. They’re stirring the racial pot. It’s where they get their funding. It’s how they get their influence.”

Barber said he’s raising awareness and fighting to stop what he calls a frontal attack on civil rights, economic justice and education. He and several others were arrested Tuesday during an outburst at the General Assembly.

I oftentimes hear Democrats claim the GOP should “reach out” to the NAACP to try and bridge the “racial divide”, but what’s clear to me is that as long as there are despicable self-serving “leaders” of liberal black “civil rights groups” like Barber, the divide will remain. Not only because they still believe it’s 1830, but also because they make their livings off of stirring up hornets nests by claiming to see “racism” under every rock. These types of disgraceful individuals have misused the term so much that it’s become dumbed down to mean “anytime a white conservative disagrees with a black liberal.”  Sick. What would MLK, Jr. say?

Whereas Southern Democrats of long ago days gone by allowed their morally reprehensible racist attitudes towards people of color to intimidate them via a variety of cruel methods into not speaking out, not voting, and not being part of the political process – because they wanted to keep them subservient to Southern whites, today’s Southern Democrats (black Southern Dems in positions of power in particular) use their watered down, meaningless version of the word itself to try and intimidate their well-meaning political opposition into cowardice and silence over disagreements on policy – and ironically enough, these “leaders” do it to enslave both black people AND white people in a whole different way than we saw in the 1800s: directly to the government itself.

Hats off to Speciale, LaRoq, and anyone else in this state – Republican or Democrat – who will openly challenge the status quo when it comes to the liberal dogma perpetuated by both black and white Democrats on the issue of racism. Remaining quiet while they spew out their bile only emboldens them to keep it up, which does a disservice to the good people of the state of North Carolina. It’s time to stop being quiet about it and start keeping it real.

Count me in.

Clyburn: GOP using “racial code words” to criticize @AmbassadorRice

In which the SC Democrat Congressman triples down on the nonsense:

Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) said Tuesday that a letter from nearly 100 House Republicans urging President Obama not to appoint Susan Rice as secretary of State employed racially charged “code words” to make its case.

The letter, signed by 97 House Republicans, says Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, “is widely viewed as having either willfully or incompetently misled the American public in the Benghazi matter” — language Clyburn saw as racially loaded.

You know, these are code words,” Clyburn, the third-ranking Democrat in the House, told CNN. “We heard them during the campaign — during this recent campaign we heard Sen. Sununu calling our president lazy, incompetent, these kinds of terms that those of us, especially those of us who were grown and raised in the South, we would hear these little words and phrases all of our lives and we’d get insulted by them.

“Susan Rice is as competent as anybody you will find, and just to paste that word on her causes problems with people like [incoming Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman] Marcia Fudge and certainly causes a big problem with me,” he added.

In a press conference earlier this week, Rep. Fudge (D-Ohio) said she believed criticism of Rice contained “a clear … sexism and racism.”

“It is a shame that anytime something goes wrong, they pick on women and minorities,” Fudge added.

Clyburn described himself as frustrated by the criticism of Rice. While he said it is fair to criticize her for having initially claimed the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was the result of a protest against an anti-Islam video, he objected to the language used by Republican leaders.

“I don’t like those words,” Clyburn said. “Say she was wrong for doing it, but don’t call her incompetent. That is something totally different. A lot of very competent people sometimes make errors, and to say that she erroneously did it, I don’t have a problem with it.”

What a crock. It doesn’t matter if the non-existent “racial code words” had been removed, Clyburn, Fudge, and other race-baiting Democrats would still characterize it as “racism” because the GOP has the sheer nerve to dare criticize a black Democrat – and one who, I should add, would be slammed just the same if she were a he, and/or if she were white and had said what Rice repeatedly did.

It’s really about as un-American as it gets for politicos and other public figures to frame every criticism of a liberal woman and/or black person who is part of this administration or otherwise works on behalf of it as “sexist” and / or “racist.” Dissent is supposed to be patriotic (as the left pretended to “remind” us in the Bush years but forgot the moment Barack Obama was elected President). Not only that, but why fight for equality for your fellow man as Clyburn did in the 50s and 60s if all you’re going to do is to turn around and essentially exclaim that they should be immune from criticism on the basis of their skin color?

Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted us to be judged on the content of our character, not the color of our skin. Too bad Clyburn and other “civil rights leaders” have long forgotten that.

Matthews, Clyburn: Susan Rice is black, a lightweight who should be left alone

When last we left you on this issue President Obama, in a feeble attempt to come off as a heroic Alpha Male, went to the mat for Ambassador Susan Rice by essentially telling her critics (who he insinuated were all misogynistic males) to stop viewing her as an “easy target” and to come after him if they had issues with her Benghazi statements. It was a symbolic setback for real women’s rights, as the President in his insultingly paternalistic way more or less was saying, “Susan Rice is timid, sheltered woman and you need to leave her alone.” Yes, that’s exactly how he came across when talking about a key figure in his administration who many are suggesting may be nominated for the very important position of Secretary of State – a position that demands a strong backbone.

Not to be outdone, MSDNC’s Chris Matthews – fresh off of suggesting that the word “urban” equates to the GOP engaging in raaacism – spoke with Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) on a multitude of issues, including Rice, and needless to say, Clyburn trotted out the race card, and Matthews didn’t question him on it. What WAS interesting about the way Chris Matthews talked about her was that he strongly implied that Rice – again, who may be nominated to replace Hillary Clinton at State, was a lightweight:

REP. JAMES CLYBURN (D), SOUTH CAROLINA: […] But let me say,  Chris — thank you so much for having me. And may I say something about Susan Rice?


CLYBURN: I have a real, real problem with my senior senator trying to make her a scapegoat in this. Susan Rice`s roots are in Florence, South Carolina, that I got the opportunity to serve for almost 20 years in the Congress. Her father, who — Emmett (ph), who was born there in Florence, didn`t leave there until he was 16 years old — I have been a close friend
of his over the years. I`m a close friend with Susan Rice.

I think it`s absolutely a shame for this young lady, whose roots are deep in South Carolina soil, to get sullied like this by my senior senator, who I consider to be a good friend. Susan…

MATTHEWS: Well, let`s talk about motive here because, you know, it does seem when a person makes — even if you think a person made a mistake, they were given the wrong brief and they offered up the brief — they don`t think she — they haven`t said she made it up.

I mean, why is there this hostility to this young public servant, who isn`t really much of a — isn`t a politician even? She serves in the foreign affairs capacity. She`s not in the arena with you guys. Why are they treating her like she`s somebody to punch?

CLYBURN: That`s exactly right. This is a young African-American woman, I`m going to say.


CLYBURN: And this is the kind of stuff that happened to Colin Powell. Colin Powell was given information. He went to the United Nations with information that we found out later was flawed. It was not his fault then…

Honestly, the way Obama, Clyburn, Matthews and others have almost literally freaked out over the so-called “hostile treatment” of US AMBASSADOR TO THE UN Susan Rice by the political opposition, you’d think she was a shrinking violet who can barely stand on her own two feet!  This is supposed to be the “Forward” the Team Obama campaigned on?  It’s insulting to both black people and women EVERYWHERE that Clyburn, Matthews, Obama and others have reduced this woman  – who is the face of the  United States at the United Nations, who is more than just a “figurehead” in this administration –  to little more than a sweet little Southern flower who should be sitting on her front porch sipping lemonade and enjoying cool breezes rather than take questions from McCain, Graham, Ayotte and others on the serious issue of the DEADLY Benghazi terror attack which saw four American citizens – including a US Ambasssador and two Navy SEALs – brutally murdered in what was clearly a premeditated strike on the anniversary of 9-11.

This line of “defense” by the left serves NO purpose other than to stonewall and attempt to push the issue to the side when in reality the American people deserve answers on who knew what and when, and what exactly happened.  And the way liberals are going about this, as if someone who is black and/or a woman shouldn’t be subjected to tough criticism and questions  … no matter her high rank within the admin … does NOTHING to advance women and black people in America.  Women, black or not, who are in positions of influence and power, should be held to the SAME accountability standards men, black or not, should be. THAT is REAL “equality”, Mr. President, Rep. Clyburn, Chris Matthews.  You’d understand that if you weren’t so busy routinely playing the race and sexism cards in cheap attempts at having people on your side avoid responsibility for their words and/or actions.

Furthermore, Republicans haven’t just lowered the boom on “a black woman” (Rice) regarding Benghazi, but they’ve also been hammering Holder, Hillary Clinton, Obama, the FBI, Jay Carney, and many others. Because they want the truth and they know d*mn well this administration will do everything they can in their power to keep  it from getting out.

By any means necessary, and all that.  Even if it includes treating women as meek subjects in need of a male to speak on their behalf, and even if it includes baselessly insinuating that the attack is based on race rather than substance .


Bad news for #Trayvon militants: FBI finds no evidence of #Zimmerman racism

Yet another week goes by in which militant liberal supporters of the state’s case against George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin have to be disappointed. This time it’s over statements collected by the FBI in which they tried to determine whether or not there was evidence in existence that proved Zimmerman had a history of racism, which in turn could have led to the possibility of federal “hate crime” charges being leveled against Zimmerman in the event they thought they could prove he was motivated by Martin’s race. From the Orlando Sentinel:

Federal civil-rights investigators interviewed dozens of George Zimmerman’s friends, neighbors and co-workers, and no one said he was a racist, records released Thursday show.

FBI agents spread out across the state, talking to three dozen people, including gun-shop employees, Zimmerman’s ex-fiancée and the Sanford police detective who led the investigation into the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black 17-year-old.

None said he or she had ever known him to show racial bias. A co-worker who saw him the day after the shooting said Zimmerman was “beat up physically and emotionally.”

Chris Serino, the police detective who interviewed Zimmerman the night of the shooting, told agents he thought Zimmerman had pursued Trayvon “based on his attire” and not “skin color.” Zimmerman, he said, has a “little hero complex” but is not a racist.

Zimmerman’s account sounded “scripted” to him, Serino said. Even so, he did not have enough evidence to justify an arrest, he told an FBI agent, even though he was getting pressure from a small number of officers within the department to file charges.

A gun-shop owner said Zimmerman came in weeks after the Feb. 26 shooting and said “his life was in danger and he needs more guns.”

He got at least one more: The day of his arrest April 11, FDLE agents found in his rental car a “cop killer” handgun, a Belgian-made semiautomatic pistol, capable of firing bullets at such high velocity that they can pierce body armor. He also had three magazines of ammunition.

Zimmerman’s ex-fiancée, who filed a domestic-violence injunction against him in 2005, described Zimmerman as “protective and territorial” toward her and “having a bad temper,” but he was no racist, she told the FBI.

He socialized and played basketball with white, black and Hispanic men and “never exhibited any biases or prejudices against anyone and did not use racial epithets of any kind,” an agent quoted her as saying.

Co-workers also said they saw no signs of ethnic or racial bias. They described Zimmerman as “pleasant” and “outgoing.”

The FBI got involved after the Department of Justice launched a civil-rights investigation into Trayvon’s shooting.

It’s also important that the even state of Florida’s case against Zimmerman does not include even the slightest hint that they believe he was motivated by race in the killing of Trayvon Martin. In fact, in the now infamous 911 call where the sensationalistic, derelict MSM and their “audio experts” concluded early on that Zimmerman said “f*cking c*ons” under his breath about Trayvon, the state’s case alleges he likely said “f*cking punks”, which is what Zimmerman told his lawyers (at the time) he said.

So let’s recap here: The state doesn’t allege racial motivation, the FBI could find no racial motivation. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist (I don’t think it does) but what it DOES mean is that the likelihood of a FEDERAL prosecution of George Zimmerman is unlikely at this point. Couple this with the fact that prosecutor Angela Corey’s extremely weak case (so far) for the 2nd degree murder charge could very well fall flat with the eventual jury, if the evidence and statements presented at trial is anything like what we’ve seen so far. If Zimmerman walks free (or ends up with a light sentence), and is not charged under federal hate crimes laws after all that has been said and done by the race hustlers like the Revs. Jackson, Sharpton, liberal pundits and the like, tensions will be inflamed even more to the point that I fear there will be mass rioting in the streets in Florida (and perhaps elsewhere), not to mention more violent “revenge crimes” in Trayvon’s name. The renewed racial animosity stirred up by so-called “civil rights leaders” (and the MSM, I should note) will be shown once again for it’s high degree of flagrant disregard for the rule of law and order – not to mention civility, which Sharpton and Jackson clearly care nothing about when it comes to getting their names in the papers and soliciting for $$$ from “societal victims” (both black and white) who fall for their shameless, irresponsible, and DELIBERATE baiting, taunting, and lies — all in the name of feathering their own respective nests.

Something for which they, unfortunately, will never be held to account for in a court of law. The court of public opinion, on the other hand …

Update – 11:27 AM: BTW, Zimmerman’s lawyers have asked for a new judge in his trial. Find out why here. (via @lauderdalevet)

James Earl Jones: The Tea Party is “racist” & I “can’t get enough” of #MSDNC

Sigh. Yet another actor whose body of work I admire saying something completely ignorant about modern day politics that I sure as heck wish he kept to himself:

Though he’s best known as the onetime voice of CNN, James Earl Jones now says his heart belongs to rival MSNBC.

During an interview with Tavis Smiley and Dr Cornel West, the actor said he “can’t get enough of” the far-left cable talk network. Jones also said he is known to “even venture into the right-wing talk shows sometimes”.

West then interjected with the idea that Jones is seeking to discover why the other side is wrong, which didn’t meet with any objection by the guest.

The Star Wars actor then went on to disparage Tea Party activists by comparing them to his “racist” grandmother, who supposedly instilled expert knowledge on the subject to a young Jones.

Here’s the video:

So with the admission he’s addicted to MSDNC, there is no doubt who helped him form his ill-informed opinion of the Tea Party. *insert eye roll here* Oh, and let’s not forget about what Jones’ friend Dr. Cornel West thinks about black Americans who stray from toeing the liberal line on racism.

I’ll try not to think about Jones’ off-base insults next time I watch Star Wars. Or Coming to America. Or … :(