Slate writer: “Racism” responsible for Atlanta’s #snOMG gridlock


The blame game begins.

I’m not quite sure if I could write a response without cursing like a sailor, so I’m submitting this ridiculous piece without (much of a) comment


Then there’s the part about having “too narrow a sense of social responsibility.” Exhibit A here is the failure in 2012 of a massive $7.2 billion transportation initiative, which would have paid for sorely needed regional highway improvements and funneled $600 million into the Atlanta Beltline, an innovative proposal to link neighborhoods in the city by light rail, using 22 miles of abandoned cargo lines left over from Atlanta’s heyday as a railroad hub. To which the voters of the metropolitan Atlanta area said: Hell, no. Here is a region that even without freak snowstorms is choking on its own traffic, which has built its reputation on being a transportation hub, which is looking at a future when gas will never be less than $3 a gallon again, and all voters could think about was how much they hated government and paying taxes. They had their reasons—Georgia has no shortage of political corruption, and in 2012 the economy was still deeply in the tank—but even so, it was like watching folks refuse to get out of a burning house because they objected to the way the firemen were holding the ladder.

And, of course, there’s race. Race is a recurring motif in the long history of the city-rural divide in Georgia politics, as well as the uneasy history of relations between the leaders in City Hall and the state Capitol just down the street. Much as white Southerners despise being labeled “racist” whenever they vote Republican—and I do understand why that makes them mad—it is still a fact that you cannot separate anything in the South entirely from the question of race.


This kinda reminds me of the Katrina aftermath where everyone blamed Bush for the epic preparation failures rather than looking to the Democrat Mayor of New Orleans and the Democrat Governor of LA at the time. I knew eventually we’d see the same tactics used on Atlanta after the streets and highways were cleared post-snowstorm 2014. The city of Atlanta is controlled by Democrats but the state is controlled by Republicans. So naturally, we knew who eventually would be blamed for the massive gridlock as a result of the failure to act decisively before the storm hit.

At times like these, I’m reminded of this:

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” –Rahm Emanuel, former Obama Chief of Staff and now Mayor of Chicago, November 2008

Sound familiar? Democrats are so boringly predictable sometimes.

BTW, as I wrote on Twitter earlier, the MSM does know that Atlanta is not the sum total of the South, right? Most places in the South handled the snowstorm quite well, including here in NC. But as usual, some journos just couldn’t resist the opportunity to get in their usual jabs and digs against the South. So tiresome.

Alabama Chick-fil-A location hands out free sandwiches to stuck motorists


Chick-fil-A: Great food and awesome people.

Fox News Radio host Todd Starnes files this report about a Chick-fil-A in Alabama that decided to brave hazardous conditions to help out motorists stuck on the highway during yesterday’s snowstorm by giving them free chicken sandwiches:

Icy interstates and highways soon became clogged with cars and trucks. Thousands of motorists soon found themselves stranded with nowhere to go – including many stuck on Highway 280.

But a good number of those stranded motorists were able to find shelter in the storm thanks to the kindness and generosity of Chick-fil-A restaurant employees and the restaurant’s owner, Mark Meadows.

Once the snow started accumulating, Meadows closed the restaurant and sent his staff home. But a few hours later, many of them returned – unable to get to their homes.

“Our store is about a mile and a half from the interstate and it took me two hours to get there,” manager Audrey Pitt told me. “It was a parking lot as far as I could see.”

So Audrey left her car on the side of the interstate and joined a flock of bundled up drivers trudging through the snow.

“At one point there were more people walking than driving,” she said.

Some of the drivers had been stuck in their cars for nearly seven hours without any food or water. So the staff of the Chick-fil-A decided to lend a helping hand.

“We cooked several hundred sandwiches and stood out on both sides of 280 and handed out the sandwiches to anyone we could get to – as long as we had food to give out.”

The staffers braved the falling snow and ice, slipping and sliding, as they offered hot juicy chicken breasts tucked between two buttered buns. And Chick-fil-A refused to take a single penny for their sandwiches.

The meal was a gift – no strings attached.

For the frozen drivers, it was manna from heaven.

“They were very excited and extremely thankful,” she said. “People were thankful to get something to put in their stomachs.”


But Chick-fil-A’s generosity didn’t stop there.

“We opened up our dining room to anyone who wanted to sleep on a bench or a booth,” Audrey told me.
And this morning, the weary staff members fired up their ovens and began preparing chicken biscuits. The only thing that is closed – is Chick-fil-A’s cash register.

“We’re not open for business,” she said. ‘We’re just feeding people who are hungry.”

What awful, hateful employees …

Snow in the desert: is there nothing global warming can’t do?

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"The rare Egyptian snow-mummies"

“The rare Egyptian snow-mummies”

(Photo credit: AhramOnline)

Can’t wait to see how climate alarmists spin this — the first snowfall in Cairo, Egypt!, in over 100 years:

Snow coated domes and minarets Friday as a record Mideast storm compounded the suffering of Syrian refugees, sent the Israeli army scrambling to dig out stranded motorists and gave Egyptians a rare glimpse of snow in their capital.

Nearly three feet of snow closed roads in and out of Jerusalem, which is set in high hills, and thousands in and around the city were left without power. Israeli soldiers and police rescued hundreds trapped in their cars by snow and ice. In the West Bank, the branches of olive trees groaned under the weight of snow.

In Cairo, where local news reports said the last recorded snowfall was more than 100 years ago, children in outlying districts capered in white-covered streets, and adults marveled at the sight, tweeting pictures of snow-dusted parks and squares. In other parts of the city, rain and hail rocketed down.

I’ll lay 3-2 odds that some climate-change cultist will argue that this is due to “catastrophic man-caused climate change,” because, you know, “global warming” is a damaged brand since there hasn’t been any warming since 1997 or so.

After all, it just couldn’t be the ebb and flow of natural cycles. Nope, it has to be due to Man’s sins against Gaea. Or something. Because Al Gore, Michael Mann, and the IPCC said so.

Meanwhile, I’ll bet kids throughout the region are having a blast today.

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AP: Gov. Christie & “friend” Obama reunited in NJ to celebrate rebuilding efforts

I couldn’t help but notice this teaser headline from the Associated Press today:

“Obama back in New Jersey with friend Chris Christie to survey Hurricane Sandy recovery”

LOL. Most of you reading this might not find it so odd, considering the photos of Gov. Christie and President Obama not long after Hurricane Sandy hit the Atlantic Coast, and especially considering Christie’s gushing praise of the President not long after that for how he was “handling” the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. I found it odd, however, because while you and I may view the way they looked together as equating to “friendship”, rarely do you see it described that way in the headline of a news article about two political allies – no matter whether or not their alliance is an unlikely one. Think about it – how often do you see articles with the headline “Obama and friend Hillary Clinton to visit the UK”, etc? It’s just naturally assumed that there is a “cordial working relationship” there, if not a warm personal one. Describing a political ally as a “friend” usually only happens when the article is about the friendship itself, rather than a political event. This article talked about their emerging so-called “bromance” but it didn’t suggest any deep connection there outside of the one that is political in nature (the one that happened as a result of Hurricane Sandy), a connection that is important for Gov. Christie to have as he is running for re-election this year in what I call a “burple” state – beyond purple, to the point it is almost entirely blue … but with a few shades of red in there.

I think the Associated Press put that headline in there as a not so subtle way of needling the conservatives who have slammed Christie for his treatment of Obama with kid gloves since Sandy devastated the shoreline of NJ and on inland last October. I could be wrong, but it’s just the vibe I get.

In any event, it’s good to see New Jersey coming back to life again. And, darn it, who can’t like the below picture of President Obama holding a stuffed “Chicago” bear that Gov. Christie won and gave to him while playing Touchdown Fever football toss on New Jersey’s Point Pleasant boardwalk earlier today (where the President, er, tanked)? “Bromance” indeed …

Pres. Obama and Gov. Christie

Photo via Jason Reed/Reuters


#HeadlineWatch: 24 hours after #OKtornado, MSM springs into full bias mode

Saw some of this last night on Twitter with “insta-reax” from so-called “unbiased journalists” wondering just minutes after the tragedy struck Moore, OK whether or not those cold-hearted Republicans expressing their thoughts and prayers would be calling for “offsets” to pay for rebuilding efforts in Oklahoma.  Literally, some of these same journalists said either nothing or not very much at all about the devastation in Moore outside of – you guessed it – playing politics with the horrific natural disaster in order to sideswipe the GOP in a time of tragedy.  Sadly, in the light of day today, this didn’t change -it only got worse as reporters across America who write for major news publications wrote full articles insinuating hypocrisy by GOP politicos who opposed Sandy aid money without offsets announcing they were on board with “whatever it took” to help the victims in Moore, OK.  A quick search at Google News produced these (predictable) results:

Google News headlines

I know. Shocking, right?

To be clear, I’m not saying there’s not a time to discuss whether offsets should be demanded, or to discuss whether or not politicos have supposedly been “hypocritical” when it comes to aid packages, but is it really now? They’re still searching for bodies in the rubble and all some in the media can latch onto barely 24 hours later is alleged GOP double standards when it comes to natural disasters. “Shameful” doesn’t even begin to cover this bunch.

While some politically motivated media types aren’t being very helpful, you can be. Many who don’t live at or near where the deadly tornado struck yesterday are wondering how they can aid and support the victims from afar.  Conservative commentator and radio talk show host Dana Loesch has compiled a great list of useful links people who want to do their part to in helping the impacted areas recover and rebuild can use.  Make sure to bookmark it and pass it along to any family members and/or friends you know who also want to lend a much-needed hand to our fellow citizens in our nation’s heartland.

And, as always. Pray.

Devastation in Moore, OK.

MOORE, OK- MAY 20: A Goodwill donation station is surrounded by debris after a powerful tornado ripped through the area on May 20, 2013 in Moore, Oklahoma.
(Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)

Devastation in Oklahoma as “mile-wide” “200 mph” tornado hits near #OKC

It also reportedly leveled an elementary school. There are mixed reports that all kids in the school are accounted for but nothing confirmed. Please keep the state in your prayers as rescue, recovery, and rebuilding efforts get underway. Via Fox News:

A mile-wide tornado churned through Oklahoma City’s suburbs Monday afternoon, causing significant property damage for the second day in a row, as part of a severe weather outbreak that was expected to spread in other parts of the Plains and Midwest.

Television footage on Monday afternoon showed homes and buildings that had been reduced to rubble in Moore, Okla., south of Oklahoma City. Footage also showed vehicles littering roadways south and southwest of Oklahoma City.

Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department also said and elementary school in Moore suffered “extensive damage.” There were no immediate reports of injuries.

The National Weather Service said the tornado was on the ground for nearly 40 minutes, with the first tornado warning coming 16 minutes before it touched down.

Search and rescue crews are now staging at the Warren Theaer in Moore to look for anyone who may be trapped in the rubble, Fox 25 reports. Aerial flyovers showed crowds of residents picking through debris.


The Storm Prediction Center in Norman had predicted a major outbreak of severe weather Monday in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. The National Weather Service has also issued tornado watches and warnings for counties in Missouri, Nebraska, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

On Sunday, at least two people were killed and 29 were injured in Oklahoma as a severe storm system generated several tornadoes in Kansas, Oklahoma and Iowa, leveling neighborhoods and

Unconfirmed reports say today’s twister took at 12 mile path.    Of course, this story is still developing so for the latest, make sure to stay tuned to one of the 24 hour networks,  the Weather Channel, your local news if you live at or near the affected areas, and to social media platforms which update constantly.   There are tornado watches in other parts of OK and TX right now, so it’s REALLY important to stay informed about this for those potentially in the path of the storm.  BE SAFE.

It looks really, really bad there.  Praying hard for all impacted.

OKC devastation

Fire breaks out amid the destruction after a tornado touched down near Oklahoma City on Monday. – Photo via NBC.


Why was the Senate’s #SandyAid bill larded up with unrelated pork?

Pork spending

And furthermore, why won’t the bleeping media focus more attention on this fact? I guess it’s more important for the Democrats and their colleagues in the MSM to note the ridiculous, self-serving “bipartisan outrage” over the fact that the House didn’t take up the bill yesterday “in a stunning reversal” as previously anticipated. And also “important” to (falsely) insinuate that thousands of New York and New Jersey residents will be stuck out in the cold as a result of their inaction.

Yeah, I know you’re shocked – SHOCKED – at how the MSM and ignorant, politically opportunistic politicos in both parties are spinning this, right? /sarc

NJ Gov. Chris Christie, who I am DONE with, has flipped out – as has Rep. Peter King (R-NY). Why not be upset at Senate Democrats who filled up their version of the Sandy aid bill with projects that had NOTHING to do with Sandy relief efforts? Why not take a chill pill when you consider that FEMA has enough money to cover relief efforts for at least another few weeks while the new US House considers the existing options on the table (and presumably will come up with one of their own)? Imagine that – actually TAKING TIME to craft, contemplate, and consider the options before you?!

Oh – regarding the specifics on the pork in the Senate bill? Gabriel Malor documented it extensively here. Make sure to read the whole thing. Then you’ll understand who to express the appropriate outrage to.

Mainstream media dereliction of duty when it comes to accurately informing the public has reached an all time high. Guess what I and others like me will spend a considerable amount of time doing this year? Combating their bull sh*t! #Enough

Definitive proof that Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a freaking idiot (UPDATED)

There have been plenty of past examples, of course, but this one takes the cake:

—- Bloomberg Diverts Food, Generators from Devastated Staten Island to NYC Marathon:

Fresh off his “climate disruption”-driven endorsement of President Obama, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has chosen to divert critical food supplies and power generators from desperate residents of Staten Island to Sunday’s New York City Marathon. Gothamist reports:

Greg Pollowitz on this disgrace:

The above link is an interactive map of those without power in NYC; the picture is a close up of eastern Staten Island where Sunday’s NYC marathon begins. It’s just vile that Mayor Bloomberg thinks the marathon should go on with this many New Yorkers still in harm’s way.

Indeed. It’s cold, wet, and people are without power, and/or are homeless, displaced, hungry, scared, neighborhoods are being looted, etc.  But let’s divert critical resources to the NYC Marathon!

If you’re looking for nominees for Clueless Wonder of the Year, Bloomberg should be at the top of your  list.  Shameless.

Update – 11:12 AM: Love this (via Jim Geraghty):  Marathon Runners Form Protest Group To Spurn Starting Line And Volunteer On Staten Island Instead.

The mindless, predictable politicization of Hurricane #Sandy

Well said, Wall Street Journal:

We know liberals are worried that President Obama might lose next week, but are they so panicky that they want to suggest even before the storm has passed that Mitt Romney and Republicans are against disaster relief? Apparently so. It’s an especially low-rent tactic, akin to blaming the tea party for Jared Lee Loughner’s shooting of Gabby Giffords. But it’s equally absurd to argue that a once-in-a-century storm means you can’t block-grant Medicaid.

The rap on Mr. Romney seems to be that he once said emergency management could be done well and perhaps better at the state level, and he also endorsed Paul Ryan’s House Republican budget.


As for Mr. Romney and FEMA, the liberals are excavating remarks from one of the early GOP debates. CNN’s John King asked if “the states should take on more” of a role in disaster relief as FEMA was running out of money.

Mr. Romney: “Absolutely. Every time you have an occasion to take something from the federal government and send it back to the states, that’s the right direction. And if you can go even further and send it back to the private sector, that’s even better.

“Instead of thinking in the federal budget, what we should cut—we should ask ourselves the opposite question. What should we keep? We should take all of what we’re doing at the federal level and say, what are the things we’re doing that we don’t have to do? And those things we’ve got to stop doing, because we’re borrowing $1.6 trillion more this year than we’re taking in.”

This isn’t an argument for abolishing FEMA so much as it is for the traditional federalist view that the feds shouldn’t supplant state action. As it happens, the response to Hurricane Sandy has been a model of such a division of responsibility.

Citizens in the Northeast aren’t turning on their TVs, if they have electricity, to hear Mr. Obama opine about subway flooding. They’re tuning in to hear Governor Chris Christie talk about the damage to the Jersey shore, Mayor Mike Bloomberg tell them when bus service might resume in New York City, and Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy say when the state’s highways might reopen.

Energetic governors and mayors are best equipped to handle disaster relief because they know their cities and neighborhoods far better than the feds ever will, and they know their citizens will hold them accountable. The feds can help with money and perhaps expertise.

And, as the editorial goes on to correctly note, liberals tend to think that to have “effective government” the government itself has to grow bigger. As we all know, the bigger government gets, the more ineffective, inefficient, bureaucratic, and – yes – autocratic it gets. This is NOT what we need when there are NO natural disasters occurring, much less when they DO happen! This doesn’t compute for most liberals, and for the ones who DO get it, that they still advocate for bigger government in spite of the obvious just shows you where their loyalties reside. Hint: It’s not with our Founding Fathers and the Constitution.

It’s also fascinating to think that liberals believe FEMA could be a well-oiled machine as long as the right President were around to “oversee it” – remember their outrage over FEMA in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? Sure, they politicized the hell out of it to bash Bush as “out of touch” with mainstream Americans – in particular, black citizens – but even beyond that they seriously believed and still do that FEMA best operates when the President of the left’s choosing is in the WH. This is horribly, glaringly misguided. Time and time again state governments have shown – just as they are with Sandy – that they can handle crisis management much more effectively and efficiently than if left completely to the feds. If the Feds want to supply money, fine, but outside of little more than that, they should just stay out of the way. Liberals will never ever admit to this because if they did, then they’d have to acknowledge their complicity in covering up for the utter, disastrous, dangerous incompetency of then-Governor of Louisiana Kathleen Blanco and then-Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina. If Nagin and Blanco had done their jobs, the left would never have had the chance to use the bungled FEMA response to blame Bush. Even more importantly than that, think about the lives that could have been saved.

As former Obama Chief of Staff and now Mayor of Chicago Rahmbo Emanuel once infamously declared, to liberals you “never want to let a serious crisis go to waste.” So, no surprises here that Democrats – along with their allies in the mainstream media and popular left wing sites – would rather beat Romney to death over a distorted quote about FEMA than to question the POTUS and his administration on the far more serious issue of Benghazi. They’re desperate to win next week, and they’ll use any approach – no matter how dishonest – to try and do so. Don’t let them get away with it.