How do we know our Gitmo policy is right?

Because Jimmy Carter says it’s "disgraceful" (on foreign soil, I should add).

Captain Ed delivers a smackdown of Carter’s comments:

But even beyond the folly of Carter’s assertions, the fact that he decided to attack the military and the American administration while abroad marks him as particularly despicable. He went to the soil of our strongest ally and attempted to undermine their support for the war effort in Iraq. If he succeeds, then American soldiers will wind up facing even more danger in the country at a time when we hope to be readying the Iraqis to stand on their own. No American should do such a thing during wartime, especially an ex-President — even one as relentlessly clueless as Jimmy Carter.

Carter has long shredded his charitable reputation by reminding us how inept his grasp of foreign policy was and is. Now he has revealed himself as a man of low character and relative loyalty. That may surprise few at this point of his post-office career, but the extent of his perfidy still disappoints nonetheless.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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