‘Captain Cool’ is a Raleigh, NC resident

Scott Burke, the pilot who landed the Jet Blue airliner that had the jammed landing gear, is a resident of Raleigh, which is about three hours from Charlotte.  The Charlotte Observer had a cute story about him this morning:

He’s being called “Captain Cool” and the last competent man in America.

Larry King and Katie Couric want to talk to him. Even his dog, Beauregard, has a shot at fame.

But Scott Burke wants nothing to do with it.

It turns out the pilot with nerves of steel — who didn’t flinch from landing a crippled airliner plane on national television Wednesday — is publicity shy.

Two days after his smooth touchdown, Burke, 46, was expected back home in Raleigh on Friday, where he lives with his wife, Barbara, and their beagle.

News outlets from all over the country want interviews, but Burke didn’t answer the phone or the bell Friday at his tidy brick house in a relatively new north Raleigh neighborhood, where TV reporters had wedged business cards in the door.

Here are photos from the landing.

Bet some of the passengers and family members of passengers were offering Burke free drinks that evening!

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