Christmas present to myself?

Today at one I will be making an offer on a townhome … the neighborhood is similar to the one I was looking to move into before but it’s about four years older. The unit I am looking at is the same type I looked at in the new development, but the design on the inside is different – and better! – than the new unit I was looking at. It’s REALLY cute. And the people selling it are obviously very eager to sell it as they are selling it for about $10K under tax value. New carpet and fresh coat of paint, a couple of brand new appliances … I’ve talked to a couple of the neighbors in that section of the development who told me great things about the neighborhood itself and the people who had moved out of the unit I am looking to buy.

So if the seller and I can come to an agreement, I might be starting off the new year in the first home I’ve ever owned :) I better log off and get ready. Catch ya’ll later this afternoon.

Evening update: Ok – made the offer earlier today. Should know by Weds. whether or not the seller wants to accept or if we have to go back to the negotiating table. I REALLY want this place! I’ll keep ya’ll posted on what happens. If it is meant to be, it will be. I MUST keep that in mind :)

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