Thoughts and prayers to “NC Cop”

I received the following email today from ST reader NC Cop:

Don’t know if you remember me or not, NC Cop, I was over in Iraq last time I talked to you. I am a police officer in High Point and left to help train Iraqi police. I haven’t been around in a while because my vehicle got hit with an IED on 12/30/05. I lost both my legs below the knee and have been going through therapy ever since. I’m due to get my prosthetics in a month or so and will begin my journey to get back to the police department as a police officer!

Anyway, I didn’t send this for you to feel sorry for me, please don’t!! I have absolutely no regrets about going to Iraq and still believe in the mission to this day!!! Keep up the great work and maybe I’ll talk to you on your website soon!!!

Take care and God bless!!!

For those who weren’t here during the timeframe he posted here (last few months of 2005), NC Cop would check in with us from time to time to share his thoughts on the issues of the day and occasionally gave us some insight as to what he was seeing while helping to train the Iraqi police force. Back in November, he gave me permission to post some pictures he took of some of the sights he was seeing in Iraq. I posted them here (he is in a couple of them).

Here’s to continued success on NC Cop’s therapy and best of luck on that journey towards getting back to the police department as a police officer. His courage, spirit, and determination combine to serve as great inspiration to me, and I hope it will to those who read this as well.

God Bless you, NC Cop – many prayers are coming your way. Look forward to reading your next progress report and please check in here when you can.

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