Love note of the week

As traffic here has increased gradually over the last year, so have the – uh – love notes :)

Remember Brian who used to post here a while back? He’s been trying to post here again, and apparently rage has consumed him to the point where he’s seen fit to attack my family (in addition to me, which is to be expected). He did it, of course, under the name “George Bush” without realizing, apparently, that when you attempt to post here, I see the IP address of who is posting (it’s a Word Press feature to help crack down on spam and repeat trolls – the info is private and can only be seen by the me). Here’s what I found held in moderation – something he attempted to post in my “Strength of a Mother” thread:

Too bad your mom didn’t know enough to marry outside the family. Maybe then you wouldn’t be such a stupid retard.

At the time imposed a blog hiatus on Brian, I asked him to come back when he felt like he could debate people here honestly. I’d say from the looks of things, Brian is still not interested in doing that and, in fact, has gone from dishonestly debating and mischaracterizing people’s positions on the issues to blatant no-holds-barred personal attacks – and he thought he could fool me by not using his name.

The guy who said the “hatred is back” got it right.

I may start doing a weekly ‘love notes’ feature here at the ST blog just to give ‘voice’ to those who otherwise don’t have one here ;)

Update I: Here’s more on the seething rage that consumes some liberals – courtesy of ST reader Severian.

Update II: And the hits keep on rollin’ in. Here’s another one, by a guy who used to post here under the login name “Evil Progressive”:

ST, the doughy-faced little fascist, deletes every post that could possibly make people think.

Not only that, the little twerp is so insecure, and so adverse to contadictory views, that she once threatened to report me! To the NSA perhaps? For exercizing my freedom of speech? Because I always have rational counter-arguments to her idiotic and bigoted posts?

So, erase this one again, dear. You are still among the 29% of mentally-deranged and intellectually-deficient who supports this banana republic government.

Threaten me again, little moron, and you’ll hear from my lawyers. Bring it on, little coackroach! We’ll squash you financially out of existence. You’ll be paying defense attorney fees for the rest of your miserable and worthless existence.

Of course, you will probably post selective parts of this, as you have been known to do in the past to get sympathy. Go right ahead, you’ll be sued into oblivion. Can you read “libel”?

EP has sent me little ‘love notes’ in the past that are very similar in nature to that one. Some people just can’t get enough of lil ol’ me, apparently ;)) Ah well, thank goodness for the WordPress blacklist, which I’ll be updating shortly …

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