Kerry smacked down in Senate vote on plan to withdraw troops from Iraq

It wasn’t even close:

WASHINGTON — An amendment calling for a short timetable to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq faced a crushing defeat Thursday, failing 86-13.

The Senate also was voting on a second Democratic amendment that had a longer and more open-ended schedule for withdraw. It too was expected to fail. The tallies were taken after finishing up about an hour and a half of debate on the measures following a late night session that ended near midnight Wednesday.

The failed amendments, sponsored by Sens. John Kerry of Massachusetts and Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, a former and possible future presidential candidate respectively, called for troops to be out of Iraq and redeployed elsewhere in the region by July 1, 2007.

“This is not cut and run. This is a smart way to win the War on Terror,” Kerry said in the debate Wednesday.

Really? I didn’t think Democrats thought Iraq was part of the war on terror …

The other amendment, sponsored by Sens. Carl Levin of Michigan, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee, and Jack Reed of Rhode Island, called for troops to begin pulling out of Iraq on Dec. 31 of this year. The nonbinding resolution would not set a deadline of when all forces must be withdrawn

Allah reports that that amendment didn’t pass, either.

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