Blogosphere nastiness

The blogosphere has been a volatile place to be these last few weeks. Misc. news on that front:

Jeff Goldstein is still dealing with ongoing harassment issues that date back to moonbat Deb Frisch’s threats towards him and his son. He’s taking a hiatus to deal with this legally, so any change you can throw in his tip jar to help him with legal costs would be much appreciated by him.

Allah has a roundup of blogospheric craziness, including info on one conservative blogger who has been the object of a death threat, and two conservative bloggers who disagreed on whether or not Glenn Greenwald is a sockpuppet – tensions between the two ran so high, that Paul at Wizbang has resigned. That’s a shame. I wrote this at Hot Air in the comments section of Allah’s post, and am reposing it here:

When this whole thing started with Glenn G. and his ‘calling out’ of conservatives who didn’t ‘condemn’ something he thought they should, thereby supposedly making them hypocrites for not condeming that after they condemned Deb Frisch, I made one post about it and participated in comments for a few days at other blogs. I didn’t post anything else at my blog about it after the intial post and seeing how things have turned out, I’m glad I restricted it to that one post.

How the hell did things go from exposing Glenn Greenwald for the hyperventilating sockpuppet fruitcake that he is to conservative bloggers slamming each other?

The whole brouhaha over that disagreement is the major reason why blog wars aren’t worth it. What’s accomplished in a blog war, outside of a lot of people getting upset and time being wasted by bloggers who have a lot more to offer the blogosphere?

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