WaPo continues to carry the water for James Webb

Remember macacagate? The WaPo milked that one for all its worth, including the featuring of a three page puff piece on the ‘victim’ in macacagate: S.R. Sidarth, who is working on candidate Webb’s staff in order to get him elected this fall over Senator George Allen. This, after Allen apologized numerous times in the span of about a week for calling Sidarth ‘macaca’ – and was still apologizing for the remark as of last week.

Today, the WaPo features another three pager – this time, on questions about Senator Allen’s Jewish ancestry. The paper seems intent on defending a reporter, who at yesterday’s campaign debate between Webb and Allen asked Allen whether or not Allen’s grandfather on his mother’s side was Jewish (see video of that here). Allen became upset, because the question before that one was about whether or not Allen had learned the word ‘macaca’ from his mother.

The questions about Allen’s Jewish ancestry and whether or not his mother taught him the word ‘macaca’ are relevant why exactly? To continue and try to paint Allen as a racist Senator, whose family ‘may’ have racist tendencies, too. Anything to snag that seat in the Senate.

How much lower will they go?

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