Legacy time part II: Clinton apologists out in full force in advance of Wallace interview

As with the P2911 whining from the usual suspects, this is also an amusing thing to see.

What’s most amusing? Seeing people who claim to be ‘truthtellers’ about the Bush admin’s “REAL!!!!” record on fighting terrorism lying and/or distorting the Clinton record. As I noted in another post about the far left’s knack for lying, this issue is just another in a long list of issues where they simply invent their own ‘realities.’

They build their own little warm cocoons of supposed ‘truths’, and are uninterested in breaking out of them to confront the harsh cold realities of real truths. Doing so would mean actually admitting that he-who-walks-on-water (Bubba) was not so perfect, and Bush is not an evil bloodthirsty warmonger who launched a war with Iraq for “oil!!!!!!!!” For these people, ignorance truly is bliss.


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