FULL VIDEO: Bill Clinton and Chris Wallace

Greg Tinti has it.

He also has a link to an article by Byron York posted at NRO today that dissects Clinton’s responses.

You know what burns me up about the interview? Not the fact that Clinton gets uptight and defensive, but the fact that he says the Bush admin “didn’t try” (that’s who he meant when he referred to the “right wingers” who had several months to get OBL). Bush has never once blamed Bill Clinton for his failure to get OBL. Not once. This is an incredible cheap shot on the part of Clinton. Not entirely unexpected, but a cheap shot all the same.

Clinton will continue the Sunday talk show circuit by appearing on Meet the Press today at 1pm ET (special time due to NBC’s coverage of the Ryder Cup).

Update I 1:25 PM: Allah’s got the video, too, along with a link roundup of commentary on Clinton’s defensive posturing.

Update II 5:43 PM: Jim Geraghty does some fact checking on Clinton’s claims, as does The Corner .

Update III 5:56 PM: Here’s the transcript of the interview.


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