W is fired up, and responds to Kerry’s troop insults

Here’s the video of W’s fiery response to Senator Kerry’s disparaging of our troops.

All we need now is for Zell Miller to challenge Kerry to a duel like he did Chris Matthews back during the Republican National Convention in 2004 ;)

Speaking of Chris Matthews, Greg Tinti has video of Matthews trying to convince his audience that Kerry didn’t mean it the way it sounded.

Oh, and did you see that the Kerry campaign is trying to spin this as a bungled joke? I’d say the bumbled joke was his 2004 campaign and his consideration of another run. BTW, the “botched joke” was supposed to imply that if you weren’t well educated, you’d end up sending troops into Iraq like Bush did. Is that supposed to mean Kerry is smarter than Bush? Uh … wrong.

Update: Johnny Dollar has Keith Olbermann’s reaction to what Senator Kerry said and the WH’s response to the Senator’s remarks – you won’t be surprised.

Update II 10:46 PM: Brucy Braley, Congresional Democratic candidate in Iowa, has asked Kerry to cancel an upcoming campaign visit, calling Kerry’s statement on US troops inappropriate. Kerry’s probably relieved, as that will be one less place he’ll be asked about his comments, and also – I doubt he’s forgotten what a poor turnout he had when he was in Iowa back in August.

On a related note, Hugh Hewitt is reporting that Kerry has cancelled all campaign stump functions for tomorrow.

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