Mediot madness

…. the “Mediots gone wild!!” edition:

The Associated Press is still being questioned on the validity of one of their sources for news in Iraq,“Captain Jamil Hussein”, who the AP insists is a Baghdad police officer authorized to speak to the media.

The AP is still standing by their source, but conservative bloggers aren’t buying it. Bob Owens, who has extensively studied and researched stories quoting “Captain Jamil Hussein” has what I feel is the definitive post up on the topic.

Eason Jordan, of all people, has even gotten in on the act, and is urging the AP to further investigate. Curt at Flopping Aces has the details.

In related MSM news, Patterico has posted his annual LA Times aka LA Dog Trainer year in review post, which is a must-read.

Finally, in case you didn’t catch the news this weekend, NYT public editor Bryan Calame discovered that a piece written by NYT magazine contributing writer Jack Hitt was essentially a propaganda piece for the pro-abortion group IPAS. Michelle Malkin excoriates the Times – especially Hitt – here for not doing the follow up work it should have to verify the claims made by the “victims” quoted in the article.

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