About that Guardian story on AEI trying to ‘buy off’ climate scientists re: the IPCC report

The usual suspects are beside themselves with glee over this Guardian report from Friday in which Guardian science correspondent Ian Sample reports that scientists have been offered cash from AEI to take a critical look at the ‘comprehensive’ IPCC report on global warming.

Jonathan Adler, writing at the Volokh Conspiracy, disputes the sensationalistic arguments about what AEI’s agenda is. The comments section of that post is especially interesting, as it involves AEI Resident Fellow and Director of the AEI Liability Project Ted Frank‘s defense of AEI and disputing that everyone at AEI ‘thinks the same’, along with other anti-hysterians who are not backing down from the gw alarmists in the thread who don’t agree with Adler’s disputing of the Guardian story.

By the way, did you know this story from the Guardian, which has been presented as new ‘revealing’ news, is not new news at all? AEI put out the solicitation for scientists willing to critically examine the IPCC report – back in July.

Related: Ann Althouse examines the way the media goes the way of emotion-based journalism by using pictures of supposedly helpless polar bears on melting ice caps, which ‘shows’ us that ‘global warming’ is even hurting the poor animals(!!).

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