Tonight’s Valentine’s dedication goes to …

It’s to you, Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash. I know you check in at this blog on an almost hourly basis, and my sincerest apologies for not getting this posted sooner today, your royal fineness.

You see, Steve, I’m #1 in the NBA Fantasy League I joined at the start of the season, and have been in that position for the last two months. You being out the last week and a half with a shoulder injury has hurt me. Not as much as it’s hurt you, I’m sure, but all the same, when I see photos like this one:

(Photo credit: AP File/David Zalubowski)

… it makes me want to,

… snuggle up closer,

… gently take a hold of your arm,

… smile shyly,

…. and

…. whisper softly into your ear,

… “So, like how soon do you think you’ll be playing again?!” :D

I hereby dedicate Diana Ross’ song “Missing You” – as sung by Whitney Houston – to you, Mr. 2-time MVP/Multi-time All-Star. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Steeeeve, I’m miss-in’ you …….

;;) :* ;)


Anyone else want to add a dedication? Please feel free to do so in the comments section :)

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