Breaking: Libby verdict expected around noon (MORE – NRO SAYS “PARDON HIM”)

MSNBC is reporting it on their main page, but no story link just yet. There’s also a blurb about it on CNN’s main page has well:

A verdict has been reached in the CIA leak trial of former White House aide I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby. The verdict is expected to be read in the courtroom at 12 p.m. ET.

More: Here’s a story from the AP:

WASHINGTON – The court has been alerted the panel of seven women and four men has reached a verdict in the perjury and obstruction trial of Lewis “Scooter” Libby, former Chief of Staff to Vice President Cheney.

All those involved will return to the court in approximately 15 minutes.

It’s expected Judge Reggie Walton will do the actual reading of the verdict.

I’ve got to dash off to a late meeting but I’ll be back when I can to blog more about this. Make sure to check Memeorandum as well as I’m sure the links will be piling up there with news and reax (pLamegate blogger Tom Maguire will likely share his .02 as well).

*Check this link for updates on the story – Libby has been found guilty on 4 of 5 counts (1,2,4,5)*

Update I: More running commentary via Hot Air and Malkin’s blog.

Update II: Am now finally able to comment on the story. Obviously, it’s bad news for Libby, but his lawyers -of course- are promising an appeal. What will this mean for the WH? More intense scrutiny on Cheney, who some have been saying played a more significant role in this than Rove. The bad news for the Nutroots is that Fitzgerald says he has no plans to file any more charges as it relates to this case. The ‘roots will have to milk this one for all it’s worth, since the guy they were really aiming for is off the hook.

Also, Tom Maguire has weighed in with his initial thoughts on the verdicts.

Update III: Check out NRO’s coverage of today’s Libby trial news here.

Update IV: NRO has posted an editorial asking Bush to pardon Libby. I concur (assuming, of course, that he doesn’t win his appeal).

Tom Maguire has written more observations about what happened today here and here – and coins a new term in the process: Fizzlemas.

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