British hostages update

Memeorandum has loads of links on the latest news involving the capture of 15 British soldiers by Iran.

One of the hostages is a female, who the Iranians say they will release either today or tomorrow. She was interviewed by the UK Independent just hours before her capture. The Iranians are also planning to broadcast images of the hostages. In the meantime, the Guardian reports that maps and photos will soon be released that prove the British troops were NOT in Iranian waters. Not that it will matter to the Iranians, who were looking for -and found- a few bargaining chips to get some of their own released from Iraq.

The UK under Tony Blair’s leadership has applied a ‘diplomatic freeze’ in response to the standoff between the two countries, while the US is sending a message to Iran via massively huge military drills involving warplanes in the Persian Gulf, and the UAE says there will be no US attacks on Iran from their territory.

Meir Javedanfar at Pajamas Media blogs today about what he thinks is Iran’s attempt to ‘Carterize” (manipulate) Tony Blair. Check it out here. Arthur Herman thinks this conflict displays Britain’s “impotence.” Does it?

Read more commentary on all this via Captain’s Quarters, EU Referendum, Sundries Shack, Dan Riehl, Verum Serum, McQ at QandO, Michael van der Galien at The Moderate Voice

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