Taking bets …

Just how long will it be before some far leftie blames personal injury lawyer Andrew Speaker’ssuper TB” on GWB?

Place your bets here! ;)

After reading about how Speaker’s new father-in-law is a leading TB researcher at the CDC, guest poster phin at Confederate Yankee quips:

I’ve heard about fathers being overprotective of their daughters and all, but this guy has taken it to a new level.

Overheard in the halls of the CDC Atlanta Office just moments ago: What do you call a personal injury lawyer with a rare and dangerous form of tuberculosis? A good start.


Speaker, by the way, is under federal quarantine now. The last federal quarantine was in 1963.

As a side note, Speaker was told not to fly, but did so anyway. Furthermore, his name was on a “no-fly” list so as to keep the disease being carried across the border, but he managed to make it through customs and drive across the border.

What border did he cross?


I wrote last week about Canada’s loosely guarded borders in this post about halfway down.

Update: On a related note, check out just what the ACLU is up to regarding the alleged ‘violation’ of Speaker’s ‘civil rights.’ As usual, we can count on the ACLU to be on the wrong side of the issue! Oh, and while you’re at the Stop The ACLU blog, make sure to click the “email” button and welcome back Jay from his tour of duty in Iraq. Good to have you back, buddy, and thanks for your service! :)

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