Tuesday night linkage

Since I’m so behind in my blogging duties, here’s a quick view of what’s going on in the news and around the blogosphere:

— There have been some major developments on the political front in Iraq. Didn’t hear much about it in the media? Me either, but Amy Proctor has the details here.

— Multiple readers have sent me the link to this interesting story that provides more questions than answers on a top contributor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, who lives in a relatively modest green (literally) home in San Francisco. Doesn’t quite look like the type of place you’d expect to find one of Hil’s “top” contributors, does it? Make sure to check out Don Surber’s thoughts on this story, too.

— Here we go again: That imperialist warmonger Bush plans to attack Iran! Making sense of it all: Hugh Hewitt.

— There’s a side discussion going on, mostly in the leftosphere, asking specifically what did Larry Craig do that was so wrong. But they’re not doing it in an effort to ‘defend’ him, as this post (for example) makes clear (more on that here). I plan on addressing arguments such as that one in the near future, once the dust has settled and people have calmed down, so stay tuned. Incidentally, Craig announced today that he would not resign over this, but is still considering whether or not to run for re-election next year. I wouldn’t count on it. In the meantime, Senate GOP leaders have asked for (and will get) an “ethics probe” of Senator Craig. And James Taranto delivers his usual stinging bite to ‘compassionate’ lefties on this issue here.

— My friend Angevin at the Oxford Medievalist had a, um, ‘revealing’ conversation with a stripper about socialism back in April. Yeah, the post is a few months old, but he linked up to it tonight at Jules’ blog, and I figured a few readers might be interested in checking it out ;) In all seriousness, he’s got a good blog there, that covers a range of topics above and beyond North Myrtle Beach (SC) strippers, so make sure you bookmark it.

— For fun: John Hawkins posts his list of top ten funniest Southpark episodes.

— Looks like there’s going to be a state vs. national showdown after all on the Dem primary in Florida. And Republicans aren’t pulling any punches on state primary shenanigans, either.

— Make sure to read in full this report from Heritage on the poor: How Poor Are America’s Poor? Examining the “Plague” of Poverty in America. Paging John Edwards, paging John Edwards.

— And speaking of John Edwards

— Last but not least, something to make you get weepy-eyed for our beloved country all over again. It takes about five minutes to watch, but is well worth it. Thanks to Jeanette for sending along the link.

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