Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Islamofascists (MORE: NEW BIN LADEN VIDEO DUE OUT ON 9-11 – OR BEFORE?)

Here are some updaates on the happenings on the “Religion of Peace” front:

—- Little Green Footballs has video of women and Jews being harassed by the “Muslim Student Association.” Jeff Goldstein delivers an appropriate smackdown to the MAS here.

—- Via Lawhawk, I read a Fox News article which notes that counterterrorism officials are analyzing a post seen on an Islamic website promising a “special gift” on the 6th anniversary of 9-11.

6th anniversary. Doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, does it?

—- The Jerusalem Post reports that Syrian officials are claiming that IAF aircraft “violated Syrian airspace,” prompting Syrian air defenses to retaliate by firing on the aircraft.

—- Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer links up to a piece which quotes Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as saying Iran is aiming for a “global [read: radical Islamist] government.” Since our very own House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has seemed so keen on visiting Ahmeanie in order to “talk,” perhaps she’d consider volunteering to run for Mosque Speaker, should Ahmeanie and co. succeed in quest? Memo to Nancy: You don’t get to choose what color burka you’d like to wear …

—- Through the UK’s Daily Telegraph we learn that public libraries in the UK are stocking books that advocate holy war in the name of Islam and also glorify terrorism. Dhimmitude, anyone?

—- Bad news for Morocco: Islamic party courts election victory in moderate Morocco. MEMRI’s all over it.

—- And on that note, it doesn’t get any better in Malaysia.

—- There’s trouble brewing in Brussels, Belgium, where protesters are outraged over the mayor of Brussels banning an anti-Islamization of Europe protest that had been scheduled for 9-11.

—- That terrorist plot in Germany may have been foiled, but 10 suspects are still on the run. In light of the news of this terrorist plot, Germany’s Berliner Zeitung publication has a story up about how some Germans are watching the rise of Islamic conversion in their country with “concern.”

—- Related to that, Reuters provides a handy European-converts-to-Islam fact sheet here.

Find out much, much more about the latest developments in the world of Islamofascism at the Religion of Peace website.

Update: Per AQ’s “media arm,” a new OBL video will be released in the next few days, perhaps on 9-11.

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