Nancy Pelosi appears on The View

I read about Nancy Pelosi’s visit on The View earlier today but didn’t have time to blog about it at the time so I saved the articles in my NewsGator clippings so I could write about it tonight.

First, as we all know, The View is nothing more than a feminist mouthpiece for the Democratic party, so it’s no surprise to see House Speaker Pelosi making an appearance. From what I’ve read about her time on the show, all kinds of topics were discussed – including one that would have been more befitting had the discussion taken place in Pelosi’s San Francisco district. More on that later.

ABC’s Political Radar reported on Pelosi’s interview on The View, and noted her comments about Clarence Thomas’ book – one she admittedly never read but nevertheless described as “revisionist” (View co-host Joy Behar agreed). From the Political Radar:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ new autobiography a “revisionist” book and offered her support to Anita Hill, who accused Thomas of sexual harassment 15 years ago.

“I have enormous respect for Anita Hill for her courage and she really changed the way the workplace views sexual harassment and we’re all in her debt for that,” Pelosi said in a rare live appearance on ABC’s ‘The View,’ a daytime talk-show targeted toward women.

“I think the book is a revisionist book,’ Pelosi said, noting, however, that she has yet to read it. “Whatever he’s writing, the fact is is that this courageous woman changed things for women in the workplace.”

Oh really? For purposes of discussion, let’s just suspend reality for a second here and pretend that Anita Hill’s claims had some validity. Looking at it from that angle, how exactly is it that Anita Hill’s testimony before Congress “changed” things for women in the workplace? By showing that if you feel like you’re being sexually harassed you don’t report it to the powers that be? By showing that you’ll wait until your boss has been nominated to be on the Supreme Court to finally step forward – after pressure from liberal groups to do so? Yeah, that took HUGE amounts of courage, Speaker Pelosi. Boatloads. Not.


The Speaker’s position on the Iraq war was challenged by The View co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who have been supportive of the Bush administration and the war in Iraq.

“All the generals tell us, the retired generals, that if you’re going to have stability in the region you must begin by redeploying the troops out of Iraq to end the occupation,” Pelosi said.

“Even though today we had news that the surge is actually working, that civilian deaths in Iraq are down, like, 53 percent?” Hasselbeck said.

“Elizabeth, if I may, with all due respect, there’s still a lot of people dying,” Pelosi said. “The cost in lives is of course the most important to us, over 3,800. Tens of thousands permanently injured of our troops. We’re talking about a cost in reputation in the world, we’re talking about a cost to our readiness to be able to meet any challenges to our security.”

Um, but won’t it cost our reputation if we leave before the mission is complete in Iraq? Isn’t cutting and running from a hostile, deadly environment one of the main reasons Osama bin Laden cited as inspiration for his jihadi war against the west? Why yes, it was. After all this time, this woman and all too many members of her party still haven’t learned the lesson that cutting and running before a mission is completed only emboldens the enemy to fight harder, and to wage war longer. And we’re somehow supposed to believe that Democrats know how to wage an effective war on terror? I don’t think so.

More from the Political Radar piece:

Pelosi said the Bush administration’s desire to continue to war in Iraq denotes “misplaced priorities.” In New York to receive an award for her support of breast cancer research, Pelosi said not enough federal money is spent on cancer research.

“All cancers, 550-thousand Americans [die each year], and we spend $5.5 billion dollars on cancer research in a year — two weeks in Iraq,” Pelosi said. “We are threatened by cancer and other disease and we have to make a war on that disease.”

Er – can’t we do both? Fight cancer and wage a war on terror? Last I checked we could. I really hate these types of arguments, because Democrats have proven time and time again in history that money is no object when it comes to bringing home the bacon to their respective constitutencies for their pet projects, yet the only time the see fit to balk at spending massive amounts of money is when the US does it for defense purposes. Odd, that.

But if you think that portion of Pelosi’s appearance on The View was bizarre, what til you read this (emphasis added):

Paul Pelosi is accustomed to playing second fiddle to his famous wife, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. But on Tuesday’s episode of the daytime talk show “The View,” Mr. Pelosi stole the show.

“We have an older man in the audience who I think is so attractive” said Barbara Walters, one of the show’s five female panelists. “You wanna take a look at Nancy Pelosi’s handsome husband?” she asked as cameras turned to a bashful Paul Pelosi and the audience cheered.

“I see you eying me” quipped Whoopi Goldberg, another panelist. “That’s cool.”

After a few ads for home pregnancy tests and shower gel, the Paul Pelosi adulation continued.

With Speaker Pelosi now seated on the panel, Walters quipped about Goldberg, “I think she’d like to do your husband.”

Retorted Goldberg, “I would do her, as well, but we should wait on that because you’re still in office; I don’t want to cause a problem.”

Video here:

(Via Allah)

Lovely, eh? The House Speaker of the United States House of Representatives is being told by the a co-host of one of the stupidest shows on television that she’d enjoy engaging in a threesome with her husband. What does Pelosi say in response? Nothing. She laughs.

I swear, you cannot make this stuff up about the left.

Newsbusters has more on today’s View show here, and Mary Ann Akers has more here.

Semi-related: Are the liberal women on The View on estrogen overload? The Watching the View website reports that country singer Faith Hill was on the show later in the broadcast, and Babs Walters commented that the panel would like to “do” Faith’s husband Tim McGraw. Better be careful, Babs. Faith will fight for her man:

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