Journalists attempt to justify lack of media attention on low September Iraq casualty numbers

Noel Sheppard reports what two prominent journalists had to say in response to Howard Kurtz’s question on his CNN show Reliable Sources about why the media didn’t give much attention to last month’s low casualty numbers from Iraq.

Here’s the video:

(Via The Jawa Report)

Here’s the transcript (scroll).

The hypocrisy on why they didn’t give more attention to the lower numbers versus why they would give more attention if the casualty numbers were higher is very, very telling.

What with admissions like this (as well as others), it’s no wonder at least half of the American people don’t trust the mainstream media.

Update/Semi-related: Orin Kerr catches the NYT’s Frank Rich in a faux pas regarding his opinion piece today on Clarence Thomas, in which he tries to make the case that Thomas’ has “misrepresented” his past in his memoir, which was released last week. Ann Althouse catches some Rich errors, too.

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