Losers of the week

Losers of the weekI haven’t done a “Loser of the Week” feature in a while, but I saw so many tonight while perusing the news and blogs that I just couldn’t help myself from composing a post about them.

These are posted in no particular order, and some degrees of loserness are higher for some than others:

—- The feminuts at Rep. John Murtha’s favorite anti-war group Code Pinko, who did all they could today to disrupt Condi Rice as she prepared to testify on Capitol Hill today, including sending one of their nutcases to bodily confront Rice as she prepared to sit down at a table. View the photos here. Video here. Disgusting. Democrats, get your nutcases under control, will you please? That is, once you learn how to stop cowering from them.

—- Candidate Barack Obama, for a variety of reasons, but this week, for promising a supporter that The Goracle would hold a “very senior capacity […] role” in an Obama administration.

—- The b*stards responsible for the devastating Southern California wildfires that have forced nearly a million people from their homes. BTW, want to help those who have lost their homes? Find out how you can here.

—- Democrat hopeful for president Bill Richardson, who joined other shamlessly opportunistic Democrats in using the California wildfires for political gain. How? As JammieWearingFool notes, Richardson took it a step further, by trying to raise campaign donations on the backs of the victims (a la John Edwards). Oh, but to cover for himself, the Richardson campaign has donated $10,000 to help those who have lost their homes.

—- New York’s Puppetry Art Theatre, which bizarrely decided that it was appropriate to invite a group of strippers to a Halloween Carnival where they knew middle school students would be present. Under pressure, they’ve since changed their minds (via Captain Ed).

—- The out of control moonbats in Berkeley who were/are protesting Islamofascism Awareness Week. The photos (and video) speak for themselves.

Feel free to add to the list in the comments.

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