Code Pink and the Marine Recruiting Center – in photos

Last week I wrote about the latest anti-war activities going on in Berkeley that involved the Berkeley city council passing two resolutions denouncing the Iraq war, the Marcine Recruiting Center, and granting the ‘pro-peace’ gang at Code Pink with a parking space at the recruiting center for six months, and exempting them from having them to apply for a sound permit for the next six months.  In response, Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) is drafting legislation to rescind federal money for any earmarks that pertain to Berkeley.

To follow up, here’s a Sunday morning bloodboiler for you: the inimitable Zombietime has posted photos of Friday’s World Can’t Wait/Code Pink protest at the recruiting center.  Take special note of the "progressive" woman holding the baby, and what the sign stuck in the baby stroller reads.  Then again, it’s not exactly surprising that derelict anti-war "mothers" would use their chlildren as pawns and put them on the front lines of their protests, and in some cases using them as human shields.    Whatever it takes, right?

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