Liar of the week

DNC Chair Howie Dean, who said this earlier today (emphasis added):

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said Thursday that his party is unlikely to make Sen. John McCain’s age an issue in the fall presidential election. The Arizona Republican will be 72 in August.

“I doubt we will bring it up in the election,” said Dean, dismissing the idea as a tactic Republicans might employ but Democrats never would. “There is somewhat of a higher ethical bar on what we do,” Dean said. “We don’t have any Lee Atwaters or Karl Roves on our side.”

Of course, the left considers Lee Atwater and Karl Rove bigtime dirty tricksters who will say the nastiest things about the opposition in order to win over voters in elections and/or support for a bill in Congress.

Nasty things like:

[Dean] contrasted the two parties’ presidential candidates, saying that with a woman and an African-American as the two front-runners, the Democratic field “looks like America” while the all-white male Republican field “looks like the 1950s and talks like the 1850s.”


“I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for, but I admire their discipline and their organization,” the failed presidential hopeful told the crowd at the Roosevelt Hotel, where he and six other candidates spoke at the final DNC forum before the Feb. 12 vote for chairman. –January 30, 2005

“We’re going to use Terri Schiavo later on … This is going to be an issue in 2006, and it’s going to be an issue in 2008 because we’re going to have an ad with a picture of Tom DeLay saying, ‘Do you want this guy to decide whether you die or not? Or is that going to be up to your loved ones?’ ” –April 15, 2005 at a gay rights group’s breakfast in West Hollywood.

But he did draw howls of laughter by mimicking a drug-snorting Rush Limbaugh. “I’m not very dignified,” he said. “But I’m not running for president anymore.” In fact, as part of his commitment to lead the party for the next four years, he has sworn not to seek any office until after 2008. I’m not running for president anymore.” –April 20, 2005 (Star Tribune link no longer works, so I’m providing an alternate source) at a benefit for the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota

Dean’s 25-minute speech to the Campaign for America’s Future annual gathering was interrupted frequently by applause, but his line about Republican work habits also produced an undertow of ‘’oohs’’ and ‘’aahs.’’ Asserting that some Florida voters stood in line for eight hours in November, Dean said that was a hardship for people who ‘’work all day and then pick up their kids at child care.’’ But, he said, Republicans could stand in eight-hour lines ‘’because a lot of them have never made an honest living in their lives.’’ –June 2, 2005, in a 25-minute speech to the Campaign for America’s Future in Washington, DC

The “ethical bar” he’s talking about is probably the one he and his fellow demagoguing Democrats go to to chug back a few everytime they’ve successfully distorted and lied about the positions of the loyal oppostion.

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