Rev. Wright’s 2008 “Look at Me” tour

I’ve read at some blogs that Obama’s “former” pastor Jeremiah Wright is on a “rehab” tour to restore his image, but I wouldn’t call it that because as far as many of the groups he’s talking to are concerned, there’s no rehab or restoration needed. They love him. And he’s eating it up.

Memeorandum has links galore to the “fiery” speech Obama Wright made over the weekend to the NAACP, and Michelle Malkin is liveblogging Wright’s speech this morning to the National Press Club. Per Malkin, the NPC gave Wright a standing ovation. Why am I not surprised.

Wright is not just a racist – one who said things in his speech this past weekend that would have a white pastor begging for forgiveness later on a national stage had he made similar remarks about white brains versus black brains – but also one very selfish individual. He knows the guy who looked up to him for 20 years and who still views him as a spiritual mentor doesn’t want the aggravation of continuing to have to defend his “former” pastor, yet Wright continues to bask in the limelight, knowing that Obama will have to continue to answer for the “distraction” that we all now know as Rev. Wright.

This is one of those times where I’m glad I can’t watch a speech live and blog about it while watching – because I’d write unladylike things I’d very likely later regret.

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