Bikers stand in solidarity with the Marines in Berkeley

Move America Forward’s Melanie Morgan has the feel-good story of the week about bikers making a show of force in Berkeley to support the Marines, and the inevitable clash between them and the anti-war nuts. Not only that, but she reports this good news:

The Berkeley City Council says it is no longer going to give free parking to Code Pink in front of the Marine recruiting center.

Put another way –Pro-troops groups WIN –Code Pinko LOSES..

More coverage here from

It was an awesome day. Congratulations to everyone who took a stand today, and waved the red, white, and blue.


And speaking of Melanie Morgan, she and Michelle Malkin will be hosting a “From the Frontlines” web-athon from 4 ET til midnight Thursday June 26th in an effort to send the most care packages to our fighting men and women overseas in history. Malkin’s got all the details here, and notes the conservative-who’s-who cast who will be along to show their support.

To send a care package to our troops, click here. They have different sized care packages that will fit any budget. Make sure to click on the “more info” button beside each package to see what it includes. They’ve raised over $200,000 so far, and their goal is $500,000. You will be able to watch the broadcast live here.

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