Waking up on Independence Day

Chris Satullo likely woke up in mourning today, pondering how “awful” this country is (and perhaps hoped someone really would pee in his Corn Flakes so he’d have something else to whine about in a future column), but I, like many other patriotic Americans, woke up today thinking, “What a great day it is to be an American!” Every day is great, of course, but it’s especially great on a day where we celebrate our independence as a country, as well as honor the sacrifices of the many who made our freedom possible over 2 centuries ago.

In the excitement of BBQs and fireworks displays, the history of our independence and how we got to that point should not be forgotten.

Happy Birthday, America. God bless this great nation!

Photo taken by ST – 9/15/2007

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend, everyone.

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