It’s official: Barry Oh! to give Dem acceptance speech at Invesco Field

Via Marc Ambinder:

The big announcement comes tomorrow, according to Democrats.


It’s going to cost the convention committee a lot of money to make the move, but Invesco Field can handle more than 75,000 spectators and will make a much better picture.

Sure. Symbolism in the extreme. Then again, that has been the one of the main thrusts of the Obama campaign from the get-go, hasn’t it?

I can see it now: He’ll have two stages set up in the stadium – one on the left side for one set of positions he takes, and one on the right side for other set of positions he takes … on the same issues. Maybe we’ll all get lucky and treated to Jock Rock stadium music throughout the course of the evening, just to give us that big game/mega-concert pumped up feeling.

Anyone got any Tums handy? :-&

BTW, BO is in my neck of the woods today (at an invite-only event) just miles from where yours truly writes her daily anti-Obama posts. His campaign is clearly banking on NC being a competitive state for Democrats in a presidential election for the first time in, oh, forever. I fear they may be correct.

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