Democrats react to Obama’s Greek temple

ABC News’ “Liveblogging” blog reports some angst on the part of some Democrats regarding the Obama campaign’s Greek temple setting for tonight’s acceptance speech:

Said one Democrat: “This is a disaster of mythical proportions.” Said another: “It’s not enough that he wants to be president — he wants to be Zeus.” Said the first: “Will he send down thunderbolts from the mountain?”

Those are the Democrats — though assuredly not Obama partisans. Cue the Republicans: The RNC blasted around an e-mail referring to the “Temple of Obama.”

“Tomorrow you’re going to see Obama come down from Olympus to be among us mere mortals,” Michael Steele, the former lieutenant governor of Maryland, told reporters in Denver.


I, for one, am just going with the flow at the moment and have my toga ready to wear.   And just for purposes of protection, I’ve borrowed Perseus’ invisible powers for the night along with his shield, sword, and helmet in order to protect myself from liberal stone throwers as well as from falling under Obamacus’ magic spell.  :D

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