Obama, Ayers, and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge

The so-evil-he’s-been-targeted-by-the-Obama-campaign Stanley Kurtz has continued digging into Barack Obama’s relationship with unrepentant domestic terrorist and “neighbor” to Obama Bill Ayers and reports to you the information that the mainstream media aren’t interested in investigating. They’re too involved in interviewing disgruntled librarians in Wasilla in an attempt to get dirt on Gov. Palin to care about the radical ties of the Democrat nominee for president.

Ed Morrissey provides a useful summary here.

To say that Barack Obama has misled the American people on his association with Bill Ayers is being charitable. Ayers is clearly more than a guy who just lives down the street from Obama.

It’s interesting how the mediots are starting to complain about the ‘lack of access’ they supposedly have to Gov. Sarah Palin, yet they’ve had access to Barack Obama for two years now on the campaign trail, and yet here we are less than two months before the election and it’s an opinion writer who works for a conservative publication who fought to dig up the information that has been at the fingertips of the MSM all this time – yet they have refused to dive deeper in it. This is yet another example of the mainstream media’s dereliction of duty when it comes to Obama, and it’s downright shameful.

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