More on Barack Obama, ACORN, and “community organizing”

The evil Stanley Kurtz broke the news yesterday of just how deep Obama’s ties were to not only ACORN but the subprime lending mess brought upon by “community organizers” like ACORN, among others. Mona Charen picks up the ball and runs with it today, writing more extensively about the issue (via Memeo).

It’s amazing, isn’t it? We’re a month away from the election, and the most in-depth reporting on Barack Obama’s questionable ties has been not from the mainstream mediots but instead conservative journalists. Barack Obama’s ties to the economic crisis we find ourselves in today are extensive. His relationship with former Fannie Mae bigwigs Jim Johnson and Franklin Raines would be the subject of a massive media investigation … if instead it was John McCain with those ties and not The Chosen One. Remember the endless wave of articles we read over the course of several years about Bush/Cheney’s ties to Ken Lay and Enron? Not happening this year, because the guy who should be on the hot seat right now is the guy that the pressies want to see win.

Move along here, nothing to see.

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