Which party is the party of rage?

Don’t believe the “rage” narrative being set by the ObaMedia about conservatives who are angry about the state of the race. Michelle Malkin decimates the narrative here in a post titled: Crush the Obamedia narrative: Look who’s “gripped by insane rage” – consider it a must-read.

Read related thoughts via Rick Moran.

Update 1: Still more, via the Rock Hill (SC) Herald:

Vandals spray-painted the words “Republican means slavery” on the door of the York County GOP campaign headquarters overnight Friday.

Party volunteers called police after discovering the message when they arrived at the office on Rock Hill’s Oakland Avenue. The vandals also stole about 45 candidate signs from the front yard and spray-painted over a banner that carried a picture of Republican presidential nominee John McCain. Their messages included lettering and symbols sometimes used by gangs.

Update 2 – 2:40 PM: Still more, via the Philly Inquirer:

Outside the Bellevue, Palin, sitting in her car, gave a little back and forth wave to the protesters, who in return gave her thumbs down and rounds of boos.

“Back to Alaska, They shouldn’t have Asked ya!” read one poster on the median.

Police said about 400 protesters lined the streets outside the hotel, the same number that organizers expected at the fund-raiser, chanting to each other and to passing motorists. Inside, Palin got her hair and makeup done at Pierre & Carlo Salon & Spa.

At times, Republicans attending the event and protesters confronted one another.

“They are hooligans,” said Bucks County restaurateur and McCain supporter Andrew Abruzzese, after he flashed a peace sign at protesters, who responded with raised middle fingers. Another Republican complained of being jostled.

Of Palin’s rise from PTA activist to City Council to mayor to governor to vice presidential candidate, Abruzzese said: “You couldn’t get a more natural progression than that.”

Several Republican attendees complained of the protesters’ vulgarity, especially in light of recent criticism of the behavior of people at McCain-Palin rallies.

Outside on Broad Street, waiting for Palin to leave, one man was heard saying: “Let’s stone her, old school.”

Another protester shouted at someone entering the hotel, “Wait till your daughter wants an abortion, you hypocrite.”

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